Intended use

  • Sensor for measuring weather data
  • Sensor signals are evaluated via additional electronics, e.g. analogue input (ref. no. 2214 REG A)
  • Detection of precipitation
  • Vertical installation in outdoor areas, e.g. on walls of buildings, using the supplied mounting bracket

WS 10 R

Product characteristics

  • Measurement of the electrical conductivity on the sensor surface
  • Output using analogue output signal: 0 = dry, 10 V = rain
  • Heating of the sensor surface with separate 24 V AC/DC power supply, ref.-no.: WSSV 10

Technical data

Power supply
    Rated voltage: DC 15 … 30 V
    Current consumption: approx. 10 mA
    Rated voltage: AC/DC 24 V
    Power consumption: max. 4.5 W
Ambient temperature: −30 … +70 °C
Protection class: III
Protection level: IP 65
Output signal
    Output voltage: DC 0 / 10 V
    Load: min. 1 kΩ
    Reaction time: max. 4 min
Cable type: LiYY 5 x 0.25 mm²
Cable length: approx. 3 m
can be extended up to: max. 100 m
Dimensions (W x H x D): 58 x 83 x 17 mm

Operating instructions


EC Declaration of Conformity


Product data sheet

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