ETS product family: Illumination
Product type: Dimmer

39001 1S U

Intended use

  • Switching and dimming of lighting
  • Reading in switching states of installation switches or push-buttons and other floating contacts at inputs 1…3
  • Signal evaluation of condensation (ref.-no.: BTS 01) and leakage sensors (ref.-no.: LES 01) at inputs 1…3
  • Acquisition of temperature values via NTC temperature sensor at input 3 (ref.-no.: FF 7.8)
  • Installation in flush box according to EN 60670-1


Product characteristics

  • Output can be operated via KNX telegrams or extension inputs
  • Three extension inputs for connecting floating contacts or dew/leakage sensors. NTC temperature sensor can be connected to input 3.
  • Supply via bus, no additional power supply necessary
  • KNX Data Secure compatible with ETS 5.7.3 or higher
  • Can be updated with the ETS Service App


Dimming operation characteristic

  • Automatic or manual setting of the dimming principle suitable for the load
  • Protected against no-load, short-circuit and overheating
  • Signal in the event of a short-circuit
  • Feedback of the switching position and the dimming value
  • Parameterisable switch-on and dimming behaviour
  • Time functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase lighting timer with pre-warning function
  • Light scene operation
  • Operating hours counter
  • Power failure longer than approx. 5 seconds leads to switch-off of the dimmer actuator. Depending on the parameter setting, the connected load is calibrated after voltage return.
  • Power extension possible by means of power boosters (ref.-no. ULZ 1755 REG)


Characteristics satellite input

  • Operating functions switching, dimming (including colour temperature), controlling blinds, value transmitter (1 byte, 2 byte, 3 byte and 6 byte incl. RGBW und colour temperature presets), scene extension etc.
  • Disabling function
  • Debounce time adjustable


Logic function characteristics

  • Logic gates
  • Transformer (conversion)
  • Disabling element
  • Comparator
  • Limit value switch

Technical data

Rated voltage: AC 230 V ~
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power loss: max. 1.5 W
Stand-by power: approx. 0.2 W
Ambient temperature: −5 … +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature: −25 … +70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 48 x 50 x 28 mm
KNX medium: TP 256
Commissioning mode: S-mode
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 … 32 V SELV
Current consumption KNX: 5 … 18 mA
Connection, KNX: terminal connected to control cable
    Connection mode: screw terminals
    Rated voltage: AC 230 / 240 V ~
The permissible load depends on the lamps connected and the type of load set.
    Leading edge phase control
    Incandescent / HV halogen lamps 20 … 210 W
    Inductive transformers: 20 … 210 VA
    Inductive transformers with LV LED: 20 … 100 VA
    Dimmable HV LED lamps: 1 … 32 W
    Trailing edge phase control
    Incandescent / HV halogen lamps 20 … 230 W
    Electronic transformers: 20 … 230 W
    Electronic transformers with LV LED: 20 … 200 W
    Dimmable HV LED lamps: 1 … 200 W
Reduction of load
    for installation into wooden or hollow walls: −15 %
    for installation into multiple combinations: −20 %
    Connection mode: screw terminals
    single wire: 1 x 0.5 … 4 mm²
    stranded without ferrule: 1 x 0.5 … 4 mm²
    stranded with ferrule: 1 x 0.5 … 2.5 mm²
    Control cable: YY6x0.6 (preterminated)
    Input type: floating contact
    Number: 3
    Total length of extension unit cable: max. 10 m
    Cable type: J-Y(St)Y (preferable)
    Voltage satellite inputs: approx. 5 V



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EC Declaration of Conformity

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