KNX DALI gateway TW

rail mounting device, 4 rail units
with manual electronic operation and LED status indication
ETS product family: Illumination
Product type: Dimmer

Intended use

  • Controlling of luminaires and other applications with DALI operating device in KNX installations e.g. electronic ballast
  • Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution boxes

2099 REGHE

 Product characteristics

  • Control of up to 64 DALI devices in up to 32 groups
  • Setting of colour temperature for luminaires with DALI Device Type 8 for tunable white acc. to IEC 62386-209
  • Individual, group or central addressing
  • Suitable for operation in centrally-powered emergency lighting systems
  • 16 light scenes
  • Effect control for dynamic lighting effects or colour games
  • Read out DALI device state via KNX, e.g. brightness or luminaire error
  • Manual operation of the DALI groups
  • Restraint function
  • Feedback of switching state and brightness value in bus and manual mode
  • Collective feedback
  • Central switching function
  • Disabling function for each DALI group
  • Separate ON and OFF delay
  • Staircase lighting timer with pre-warning function
  • Corridor function: when combined with motion detectors, reduced continuous lighting, if no motion is detected
  • Online or offline project design of the DALI devices with ETS plug-in
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Surge voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Operating hours counter
  • Signal of the global switching status of the DALI devices, e.g. to switch off the mains voltage of the DALI devices to avoid standby losses
  • An individual DALI device can be exchanged during operation without software
  • With device generation V02 or higher: DALI-2 certified
  • Linear or logarithmic dimming characteristic can be selected

Technical data

Rated voltage: AC 110 … 240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
Rated voltage: DC 110 … 240 V
Power loss: max. 3 W
Ambient temperature: −5 … +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature: −25 … +70 °C
Rated voltage DALI: DC 16 V
Number of DALI devices: max. 64
DALI transmission rate: 1.2 kbit/s
DALI protocol: EN 62386
Cable type: sheathed cable 230 V, e,g. NYM
Cable length DALI
    with 1.5 mm²: max. 300 m
    with 1.0 mm²: max. 238 m
    with 0.75 mm²: max. 174 m
    with 0.5 mm²: max. 116 m
Mounting width: 72 mm (4 rail units)
Connection, power supply and DALI
    Connection mode: screw terminals
    single wire: 1 x 0.5 … 4 mm²
    stranded without ferrule: 1 x 0.5 … 4 mm²
    stranded with ferrule: 1 x 0.5 … 2.5 mm²
KNX medium: TP 256
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 … 32 V SELV
Power consumption KNX: typical 150 mW
Connection, KNX: terminal

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