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Following in the Elipson tradition, the Planet L is a superb compact speaker with outstanding musical qualities linked to its spherical shape.

Following in the Elipson tradition, the Planet L is a superb compact speaker with outstanding musical qualities inherent to its spherical shape.

The Planet L speaker is the fruit of two years of research in the field of state-of-the-art acoustic technologies with the aim of achieving excellent musical performance and a particularly attractive design featuring a stunning lacquer.

Equipped with a 17 cm coaxial midrange/low driver and a 25 mm dome tweeter, this bass-reflex speaker provides an exceptional listening experience from the very first notes of any song. Its meticulous construction (heavy and rigid for excellent inertia) ensures clean and muscular bass delivery. The Planet L offers an exceptionally neutral sound with remarkable coherence among the different timbres and registers (no excessive mids, highs or lows). The highs are soft and silky, the mids are full and sensual and the bass is ultra-responsive and tight. The Planet L strikes the right balance between high-definition and energy.

The stereo soundstage is wide thanks to the excellent directivity offered by the coaxial speaker. The optional mounts may be used to install the Planet L on a wall or ceiling.


Its generous curves give the Elipson Planet L an elegant and discreet visual imprint that blends in with any style.
The spherical shape is not only chosen for its visual aspect, undeniably successful. It also limits the internal vibrations that could generate a “boxy” sound and artificial colorations.


Equipped with a 17 cm coaxial bass/midrange driver with a 25 mm dome tweeter, the Planet L is a bass-reflex speaker providing excellent acoustic sensations from the very first notes of music.
Its very careful construction (heavy and rigid for an excellent inertia) allows to obtain a clean and robust bass register.


In 1969, the AS-30 model had already allowed Elipson to make an international reputation in the development of loudspeakers. Today, the Planet L is the sign of the revival of this French tradition.
The Elipson Planet L is the result of 2 years of research in the application of the best acoustic technologies in order to obtain excellent musical performances and a very attractive design thanks to a lacquer of the most beautiful effect.

  • Bass-reflex speaker

    • 2-way coaxial driver
    • Woofer : 6,5” (165 mm), paper membrane and damping processTweeter :
    • 1” (25 mm), fabric dome

    Amplifier : 30-80W

    • Frequency response :
      48 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Sensitivity : 90 dB / 1W / 1m
    • Impedance :
      6 Ohms Magnetic shield
    • Dimensions : Ø290 mm
    • Weight : 7 kg
    • Colours :
      matt finish Mercury Ice, Neptune Stone or Saturn Dust. Black, white or red lacquer. Delivered with table ring.
    • Optional : exclusive stand, ceiling and wall mount bracket.

    Packaging :

    • Unit : W428 x H405 x D423 mm / 8,5 kg
    • Pair : W870 x H430 x D440 mm
      Net weight : 14 kg / Gross weight : 21 kg
8.5 kg
42.8 × 42.3 × 40.5 cm

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