Premium equipment for yachts

Convenience, style and technology are no contradiction, but more of a promise. With the solutions from JUNG, the result of a unique engineering achievement is brought to the high seas. The exclusive designs and our experience in the system technology field give you perfect support in yacht building.

We have already been supporting partners in yacht building for years with expertise in the fields of switch design and electrical installation. We bring this experience into the German Boat and Shipbuilding Association, where the leading organisations in the German yacht industry are organised. This association has the goal of making the location of Germany even more well-known and to promote yacht construction. Ideal for JUNG – with us you get precision work “Made in Germany”. The highest quality and extraordinary material competence combine with sophisticated technology and the passion for the sea. All this is reflected in the premium products that JUNG offers for yachts.

Switch design for motor and sailing yachts

Every day, switches precisely engineered in the finest detail are created by us for high demands. Partly finished by hand, they are really unique items. The high-quality, stylish switches and frames integrate themselves harmoniously into the interior of the yacht.

The JUNG design programmes stand for an aesthetic variety of form and colour. But its technology also meets the demands of sailing boats, cruisers and motor boats. After all, for a luxury yacht the equipment must also satisfy high demands.

LS 990

Large buttons and different connections: the LS 990 switch range enables convenient operating concepts for controlling the functions on board.


The shadow gap in the range gives the impression that the switches, push-buttons and sockets are floating. The design-oriented style is clear and precise.

Smart technology, even on the water

Numerous yachts have already been equipped with KNX. Also on the high seas: the smart technology increases the convenience in every cabin and ensures greater safety on board the ship.

With a KNX system on board, the crew and guests can control all the technology on the yacht smartly and efficiently. Since 1990, when we founded the European Installation Bus Association (EIBA) together with other companies, we have supported this highly intelligent technology, including for yacht building.

With our KNX applications, life on a yacht becomes safer and more convenient. Integrate the on-board systems such as entertainment, climate technology and steward call and control the functions centrally. Atmospheric lighting scenes at the press of a button and an automatic or intuitively operated light and sun protection. Set the individual room temperature when onboarding and easily operated multimedia applications provide feel-good moments: with a JUNG KNX system, this can be easily implemented.


Cozy dimmed or brightly lit: scene control based on use.


Always towards the sun: light automatically shines inside and screening protects the private sphere.


Always pleasantly heated: there are always comfortable temperatures in the cabins.

Remote access

Access from a distance: KNX components for a yacht can also be operated while mobile.


Full control on the bridge: with just the press of a button, the captain can start all the important functions as soon as the ship comes into the harbour. Defined lighting, switching off the music system on deck and the on-call duty for the crew: the crew starts this or similar scenes with appropriately configured push-buttons.

The advantages of KNX at a glance


KNX is an international standard and is being continuously developed. New components can be integrated easily into the yacht.

Investment security

KNX has been in existence for over 25 years. The first-generation devices are compatible with modern products. That promises a sustainable investment.


The various manufacturers make sure that the products in the most widely varying applications communicate with each other.

Decentralized system design

KNX has a modular design. The network on the yacht and the system technology can thus be extended or reconfigured as you wish at any time.

Controlling the smart functions

When the design makes the operation self-explanatory: our KNX sensors in the JUNG design captivate with high-quality materials and clear forms. They stylishly complement every interior concept. With the Graphic Tool the push-buttons can be identified according to individual guidelines.

Control units

JUNG KNX push-buttons in the AS, A, CD and LS design ranges impress with their homogenous surface appearance. With them, crew and passengers intuitively control the complete KNX functions centrally.

The KNX F 10 push-buttons

The JUNG KNX F 10 push-buttons look like classic light switches, but master intelligent KNX technology. The push-buttons master both the push-button function and the rocker function.

Push-button function

Rocker function

Push-button function 2-gang

Rocker function 2-gang

The KNX F 40 push-buttons

Generous surfaces, convenient operating concept: the KNX F 40 push-button. Their large buttons make handling light and intuitive. With regard to design and operating concept, the F 40 push-buttons come close to a conventional switch. This also makes the handling easy for inexpert KNX users.

Single-button operation

with one function per button.

Single-button operation

with two functions per button.

Two-button operation

with two functions per button.

Two-button operation

with four functions per button.

The KNX F 50 push-buttons

The F 50 push-button reliably controls all functions. The large labelling area in the middle includes a transparent design cover, making it possible to give the buttons detailed names.

Single-button operation

with one function per button.

Single-button operation

with two functions per button.

Two-button operation

with two functions per button.

Two-button operation

with four functions per button.

Rotary switch

Lighting, music and more: with our rotary switches you control the respective function on board in an instant.

Rotary dimmer with indicator LED

Rotary dimmer with symbols

Rotary dimmer with symbols

KNX actuators

They perform the exchange of information in the KNX bus system: actuators for rail mounting

The various KNX actuators for rail mounting are impressive due to high functionality in compact design, allowing the space in the distribution to be used optimally - with a significantly higher load range: like the JUNG KNX DALI gateway TW. It forms the interface to the control of DALI Tunable-White luminaires in a KNX installation. In this way, controlling up to 64 DALI devices in 32 groups is no problem. Switch or dim a large number of luminaires, and that without any heat loss? No problem with rail-mounted actuators! In addition, the JUNG KNX rail-mounted actuators fulfil the standards of the VDE test and certification institute.

KNX LED dimming actuator, 4-gang

For all current lamps

KNX DALI gateway TW

Control Tunable White conveniently

KNX Multistation

Operates electrical loads

KNX power supply

Compact and energy efficient

Proven in applications worldwide

In order to completely meet international requirements, there are socket systems in the JUNG portfolio fulfilling the respective correct standards.

We keep the correct socket inserts ready: thanks to the JUNG modular system, the numerous international connection modes can also be combined in multiple frames. This makes a uniform design possible.

British Standard 13 A

Plug type G

British Standard 13 A, switchable

Plug type M

British Standard 13 A, switchable with indicator light

Plug type M

British Standard 5 A

Plug type M

Plug type D, M

Plug type D, M

Chinese Standard

Plug type A, I

Schuko® Standard

Plug type F

NEMA Standard

Plug type B

NFC Standard

Plug type E

Switchable socket

Plug type G, I

Connection systems from JUNG for optimum connections

TV, hi-fi sound system or laptop: sufficient connection possibilities for all these and other devices should be available on every yacht. The multimedia connection system in the JUNG design offers all the options for this.

Combined centrally and space-saving, the JUNG connection systems integrate into the ship construction in a restrained and visually appropriate way. Can be perfectly combined with the other components of the electrical installation of your yacht.

Cinch audio mini-jack 3.5 mm

With the multimedia connections from JUNG, interior designers remain flexible for the interior design on the high seas and the guests enjoy their favourite music during the cruise.

Cinch audio mini-jack 3.5 mm & VGA

Home cinema, games consoles or mobile devices: with the integrated connections, installers can connect all important devices with UHD TVs or projectors.


This clever connection system combines your multimedia modules for USB and HDMI precisely where you need them – centrally and clearly.

2 x HDMI

Smartphone, tablet, digital camera: using the HDMI inputs, yacht owners and their guests can watch photos or videos on the connected screens.

Horizon Yacht FD90 Hull 22

The four-cabin yacht with a length of over 27 m and a beam of 7 m in the Fast Displacement (FD) range is the first boat in this model range fitted with an innovative KNX automation system from JUNG.

We are here for you! Talk to us if you have questions about the individual implementation of your yacht control system. We are happy to help you to put together the right switch range for you with the appropriate functions.