Create the right atmosphere with light

Show your home in its true light and operate or dim the lighting according to your needs: manually or automatically, wireless, voice or with smart technology. For example, connect the light control with motion detectors or simply specify lighting scenes. With our solutions, you have a free choice of the way you would like to control your luminaires.

Versatile uses of light

Switching on the light

Switch the lighting on or off – the classic way with the light switch by interrupting the electrical supply. Really simple and proven throughout the world for over 100 years.

Dimming the luminaires

Dimming the lighting reduces the strength of the light, making the room significantly more cosy. In addition, the lamps require less electricity when dimmed.

Changing the light colour

With LED, it is possible to change the light colour. Based on the proportions of red, green and blue, the rooms thus blaze with the greatest variety of colours.

Adapting the colour temperature

The light temperature determines our biorhythm. Luminaires whose light temperature can be controlled adapt the effect of the light to your personal needs.

Operate light manually

Intuitively with a switch, push-button or dimmer: you simply control the lighting manually as usual. A wide range of designs enables everything to be tailored so it is visually suited to the ambience in the home.


In use for decades, today it has been self-evident for a long time: the conventional switch operates the light directly by connecting or interrupting the power – and it does that multiple times each day. Available as single or 2-gang switch, the light switch is found in all JUNG design ranges.

Rotary dimmer

Ideal lighting conditions in no time. Even the design of the rotary dimmer has been known for many years and can be operated intuitively by all. From the conventional incandescent lamp to modern LED lighting, it dims the light as you need it.

2-gang touch dimmer

Looks like a conventional light switch but impresses with additional functions: a press of a button at the top operates the light or increases the brightness, a press on the lower half of the button dims the light or switches it off. Also available with a simple rocker.

F 40 push-button

Four functions in one device instead of four individual switches on the wall: the F 40 push-button has large operating areas and each one can be allocated multiple functions. Individual labelling makes operation easier. A prerequisite for the use of this push-button is a building system technology such as KNX or eNet SMART HOME.

F 50 push-button

Large labelling area for intuitive operation: the F 50 push-button impresses with its operating concept. For example, the left button (or the upper, depending on installation) might switch the light on, the right button switches it off. Each button can control up to two functions. Building system technology such as KNX or eNet SMART HOME is also necessary here.

Smart Control 5

Tap icons, move sliders: touch displays offer a prestigious way to control a smart home. Equip your property with an intelligent system such as eNet SMART HOME or KNX and you control your lighting with a fingertip. Lighting control in smartphone design.

eNet radio centre plate

Smart operation begins with light: conveniently operate your luminaires or even the complete household technology as well using the JUNG eNet SMART HOME wireless system. The eNet radio centre plate makes conventional light installations smart – using radio throughout the house. You can then control your lighting with a smartphone.

Radio transmitters for Philips Hue

You have decided to use the lighting system from Philips Hue to control your lighting atmospherically? Then use this radio transmitter. In addition to the smartphone, you then also operate Philips Hue manually – just as you are used to with a switch on the wall. Stylishly, of course, in the JUNG design.

Radio transmitters with Bluetooth Low Energy

Numerous manufacturers offer lighting systems with Bluetooth Low Energy. These radio transmitters make intuitive control possible for this kind of lighting. The battery-free wall transmitters with IoT-compatible wireless technology connect digital lighting control with the familiar operation of a light switch.

Control light automatically

Light as you need it and completely automatic – with presence detectors, ceiling observers or timer switches, your lighting control gets convenient and energy efficient.


Presence detectors

Automatic light when you need it. This saves you, for example, searching for the light switch in windowless rooms such as the cellar, the garage or in the loft. Installed in the hallway, the presence detector automatically turns on the light when you come home in the dark. Our presence detectors have a 180° detection range and use two PIR sensors for monitoring.


Ceiling observer

In corridors and hallways, the ceiling observer demonstrates its strengths. With a 360° detection range and a radius of 20 metres at an installation height of 3 metres, it detects your movements and reliably illuminates the necessary hallway areas for you while saving energy. Our ceiling observer has a presence function, night light, alarm and hotel function as well as constant light control.


Universal timer Bluetooth

With the Universal timer Bluetooth, you specify the times when the light is automatically switched on or off. You can likewise control the conditions, such as dimming the lighting to 40 percent. You can operate the Universal timer Bluetooth manually with the press of a button on the two rockers or on the move with your smartphone using the Clever Config app.

Light on demand

The connection of smart building technology with the voice services of Amazon and Google brings even more convenience into your home. In this way, you can use your voice to control actions and all devices networked with the JUNG servers.

Voice control in eNet SMART HOME

Activating and dimming the lighting: with eNet SMART HOME you can also easily operate these and many other functions with voice commands, as the wireless system is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice control in a KNX system

We combine modern and future-proof smart-home technology with particularly convenient control. With the help of the voice services from Amazon and Google, you can control actions and all the devices networked with the JUNG Smart Visu Server using voice commands.

Smart light control

Once defined, you can operate the appropriate lighting with a fingertip. Simply set it up in the app and operate on the move.

Clever Config

With the Clever Config app, you configure the Bluetooth switches for the lighting in your home with a smartphone.


You operate your wireless Smart Home with the help of the eNet SMART HOME app. You use it to make all the settings for the lighting, operate the lamps and control many other functions.

Smart Visu Server

Bright lighting at the desk, a more cosy, dimmed shimmer above the couch: control the shade in your KNX system completely in accordance with your needs - conveniently with the app.