Smart Panel 8 - really smart

The JUNG KNX touch display Smart Panel 8 is the solution for visualising your KNX system – without an additional server. Centrally on the wall and decentrally with a tablet or smartphone in the local network: the JUNG Smart Panel 8 provides comprehensive possibilities for intuitively controlling your KNX system.

The Smart Panel 8 at a glance

- Smart Vision graphical interface for operating KNX devices.
- Complete and cost-efficient visualisation of KNX.
- Local remote control using the JUNG Smart Vision app for smartphone or tablet.
- Standalone solution that doesn't need a server.

Remote control using the Smart Vision app

On the couch, from the kitchen, in the garden: with the Smart Vision smartphone and tablet app you control the Smart Panel 8 over your local network.

Smart Vision app

Messages about important information such as an open window right up to controlling functions. The app is optimised for your mobile device and supports vertical orientation in portrait format. Up to ten app users can be stored for WLAN access to the Smart Panel 8 and they can then control lighting, shade, heating, music and much more.

Smart Vision for iOS

Smart Vision for Android

Light or dark

Smart Vision has both a light and a dark layout integrated. Completely to your taste and fitting to the interior, you can alter the layout at any time.

Vertical or horizontal

Wall mounting of the JUNG Smart Panel 8 is possible in both portrait and landscape formats. For the best display, orientation in landscape format is recommended.

Intuitive and smart

Main menu

JUNG Smart Vision is the app interface for the KNX visualisation of the Smart Panel 8. The first level is the room level. It displays up to six rooms in a grid. More rooms can be displayed by scrolling vertically, with horizontal scrolling showing the first or last room. You can naturally also select a room directly. There you can see the elements and functions set up in this area.

Room view

In the room view you can see functions such as dimming lights, switching on heating, lowering blinds and much more. The first tile shows the room itself together with its name and central functions. By clicking on an element you reach the detail view.


The view of an individual element is the most detailed level within the Smart Vision hierarchy. You can simply and clearly operate the functions here, read the status, configure schedules, integrate the astro function and much more. Per Smart Panel 8 up to a total of 300 elements or rooms can be set up.

Sensors and functions

Automatic proximity detection

Thanks to the proximity sensor, the Smart Panel 8 wakes up from standby as soon as you are standing there. That saves energy, but all functions are still directly available.

New smart functions

JUNG has extended the functional scope of the Smart Panel 8 KNX touch display. The intelligent touch display now also enables the following applications:

Door communication

In combination with the Smart Gateway 650-/SG 150 from Siedle, the Smart Panel 8 also allows connection to the door communication in the local IP network. This provides added convenience. Users can call the Siedle app for door communication using the JUNG Launcher.

Tunable White

Operation of Tunable White (TW) via KNX: with Tunable White, the colour temperature can be continuously regulated from warm white to cold white and thus matches the human biorhythm. The lighting thereby improves performance and wellbeing.

Coloured light control

Intuitive coloured light control with the colour picker: the operating element in the form of a colour wheel enables the fast selection of light colour and light intensity.


Important events are displayed as pop-up messages. If needed, an acoustic signal can also sound. Pop-up messages are shown on the panel or smartphone. In addition, messages can be sent to a saved e-mail address. Users can thus be informed about events even when they are not on site.

On time using schedules

Easy and uncomplicated: schedules run functions such as switching on lights or lowering shutters at specific times. For example, every morning at 8 am, the shutters are raised and in the evening at 7:30 pm the exterior lighting turns on. You can find schedules in the detail views of an element. Up to 125 elements with a maximum of ten commands each can be stored in the Smart Panel 8.

Combined in sequences

With this kind of automatic control, there is a series of different functions: after just one press of a button, for example, the light turns on, then the blinds are lowered and then your individual playlist runs. You create sequences per room – just like an element. In addition, you can add schedules to sequences to allow them to run fully automatically.

The heart of the Smart Panel 8 is the Launcher. Here you have the possibility of starting other apps such as QuickSupport, Screencleaner or JUNG Camera. In addition, you install updates here or call the panel settings using the logo at top right. To call the Launcher at any time, briefly press the HOME button in the middle on the lower edge of the Smart Panel 8.

Application areas

Smart Home

Living room


Dining room


Children's room


Home office





Hobby room

Laundry room


Heating room

Thanks to the simple operation and clear visualisation, the Smart Panel 8 is ideally suited to the smart home. Completely according to your requirements you can set up the widest range of rooms and equip them with functions (the so-called elements). In the living room, do you want the blinds to be lowered automatically and the lights turned on? That is no problem using a sequence or a scene. In addition, the Smart Panel 8 helps to save energy by only running the heating when someone is at home.

Smart Panel 8 in the smart home:

- live more conveniently with intelligent KNX technology
- Save energy with automation where needed
- A feeling of security thanks to presence simulation

Smart building


Meeting room

Lecture room


Hotel reception




The Smart Panel 8 is also suitable for commercial spaces. The automated air conditioning in the meeting room, the perfect lighting mood at the bar, the ideal combination of light and shade in the office: with appropriately set up elements, logic and schedules, the Smart Panel 8 also makes particular convenience possible in the world of work. The individual room view can be switched off in the JUNG Smart Vision user interface.

Smart Panel 8 in the smart building:

- Needs-based shading with a schedule and astro function
- Emotional lighting mood with dimmed lighting and RGBW light colour control
- Temperature adaptation with automatic climate control

Smart Panel 8 in detail

Flat device, extensive equipment: on the back of the Smart Panel 8 all the important connections are available. Right at the bottom on the edge of the touch panel there is the HOME button. The Smart Panel 8 can be installed in many existing boxes (retrofit).

JUNG has thought particularly of modernisers with the Smart Panel 8. The touch panel is ideally suited for retrofitting and fits onto the familiar flush EBG 24 installation housing and the SC 7 EBG. Installation onto the standard device housing in accordance with EN 60670-1 is also possible. The recommended box depth is around 60 millimetres.

Installation and fitting

Appliance box in accordance with EN 60670-1

Deep standard boxes are ideal for installing the KNX Smart Panel 8. Recommended depth of the box: approx. 60 mm.


The EBG 24 installation box of the JUNG Smart Panel 5.1 as well as older devices and products with the same shape is suitable for retrofitting with the Smart Panel 8.


Thanks to the adapter supplied, flush ­installation housings from the Smart-­Control range SC 7 EBG can also be used.

If you use a Facility Colour Touch Panel IP, Smart Panel 5.1 or the signal panel, you can upgrade now. The new Smart Panel 8 fits into the existing flush-mounting box and covers it seamlessly.

KNX Smart Panel 5.1

Ref.-no. SP 5.1 KNX

Facility Colour Touch Panel

Ref. no. FP 701 CT

LCD signal panel

Ref. no. MT 701

Commissioning with ETS

Project design

Installers plan Smart Vision with the KNX SMART PANEL DESIGNER Windows software. This can be done jointly with the owner as they can see directly what they will be able to operate on the Smart Panel 8. At the end there is a project file.


The installer imports this project file quickly and easily with a device configuration app (DCA) to the ETS. The required KNX communication objects then appear there and are then linked to the group addresses of the installation as usual.


The programming of the Smart Panel 8 comes at the end. The installer then programs visualisation, communication objects and group addresses of KNX actuators, sensors and push-buttons into the device with the help of the ETS.