Smart Control 8:
A touch screen for the entire building technology

Convenience, functionality and safety: the JUNG Smart Control 8 is a capacitive touch display for operating every function from door communications to controlling smart homes.

The 8-inch display (20.32 cm) features a high resolution HD screen. The customisable screen brightness ensures a clear and intelligible display, even with variable lighting conditions. Brilliant colour, sharpness and ultra-modern display technology make it as user-friendly as the latest tablets. The high level of detail delivers a clear overview of the numerous functions.

You have the option of using the touch display as a door communication system (in combination with a Siedle Smart Gateway operated via an In-Home bus) or as part of your smart home (in combination with a Smart Visu Server or Visu Pro Server via KNX or eNet SMART HOME through the eNet server).

The JUNG Launcher makes it all possible. The operating system for JUNG's intelligent building technology. It makes Smart Control 8 the client for the four different systems and, in combination with the server, it gives you the maximum amount of flexibility to control your home intuitively via the touch panel.

Dark or light

The JUNG Launcher offers a light and a dark layout.

Landscape or portrait format

The JUNG Smart Control 8 can be installed in landscape or portrait format.

Functions and sensors

Automatic proximity detection

The proximity sensor is energy saving, but all functions remain immediately available. The sensor activates the display whenever you stand in front of the Smart Control 8.

Siedle app

Connection to the Siedle Smart Gateways:
With the pre-installed Siedle app for your door communication system, the Smart Control 8 is transformed into a video intercom. The clearly structured user interface ensures easy and convenient operation.

The JUNG Smart Control 8 can be installed in landscape or portrait format.

Connection to the eNet Server:
The perfect solution for central control and visualisation of smart home technology: the eNet SMART HOME app gives you control over your wireless-based smart home system.

Smart Visu Server app

Connection to the Smart Visu Server:
For a KNX standard installation in a conventional one-family house or owner-occupied flat: the Smart Control 8 delivers a visualisation based on the Smart Visu Server. Control your KNX system and perform settings from a central point.

JUNG Visu Pro app

Connection to the Visu Pro Server:
KNX installations for commercial properties or private buildings with individual customisations: the Smart Control 8 visualizes and controls JUNG Visu Pro. The clear structure and numerous functions deliver multi-faceted, simple operation.

Smart Control 8 in detail

At just 16 millimetres deep, the touch display is particularly thin and it sits discretely on the wall. The touch screen has a large range of functions.

All the main connectors are incorporated on the rear side. The HOME button is located on the lower edge: Use it to start the device or access the JUNG Launcher. The Smart Control 8 is particularly suitable for modernising: the display can be retrofitted into many existing boxes. The touch display screen is ideally suited for retrofitting and fits onto the familiar EBG 24 and SC 7 EBG flush-mounted housings. Installation onto standard appliance boxes in accordance with EN 60670-1 is also possible. The recommended box depth is around 60 millimetres.

Mounting and fitting

Appliance box in accordance with EN 60670-1

A deep standard box is ideal for installing the Smart Control 8. The recommended depth is approx. 60 mm.


The EBG 24 installation box for the JUNG Smart Panel 5.1, and similarly shaped older devices are suitable for the Smart Control 8.


The supplied adapter means that flush installation boxes from the Smart-Control SC 7 EBG range can also be used.

If you are using a Smart Panel 5.1, the signal panel or a Facility Colour Touch Panel IP, you can use the same flush box for the JUNG Smart Control 8. The touch screen fits perfectly into existing boxes with no gaps.

KNX Smart Panel 5.1

Ref.-no. SP 5.1 KNX

Facility Colour Touch Panel

Ref. no. FP 701 CT

LCD signal panel

Ref. no. MT 701