SCHUKO® socket with USB charger

0.00 inc V.A.T.

SCHUKO® socket with USB charger

with enhanced contact protection / shutter (Safety Plus)
with 1 USB port type C
with quick charge function
with screwless terminals for rigid and untreated flexible wires up to 2.5 mm2

Installation in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073
depth of flush box (inner dimension): min. 57 mm

JUNG Quick Charge® supports these standards

Technical data

Rated voltage: AC 220 … 250 V ~
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated current, socket: 16 A
Output voltage USB: DC 9 V / DC 5 V
Output current USB: 2 A / 3 A
Stand-by power: ÔëĄ 25 mW
Ambient temperature: +5 … +35 ┬░C
Stora/transport temperature: Ôłĺ20 … +70 ┬░C
Protection level: IP 20
Connection mode: screwless terminals
┬á┬á┬á┬ásingle wire: 1.5 … 2.5 mm┬▓
┬á┬á┬á┬ástranded without ferrule: 1.5 … 2.5 mm┬▓

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