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A sealed tubular glass envelope protects the magnet contact (reed contact) against dust and water.
The reed contact is actuated by means of a permanent magnet.
For installation in steel profiles (magnetic material) only block reed contacts can be used.

FUS 4410 WW

Included in delivery:
2 surface-mounted housings, 2 caps,
3 spacers 2 mm
1 spacer 6 mm
To be integrated into the signalling system of the Smart Panels by the KNX system via binary inputs / push-button interfaces.

Technical data

Contact type: 1-pole, 1-way (NO contact)
Switching voltage: max. 100 V DC
Switching current: max. 0.5 A
Contact rating: max. 10 W or 10 VA
Transition resistance: 0.15 Ω
Permissible operating voltage: max. 40 V
Connection cable: LIYY 2 x 0.14 mm, Ø 3.2 mm (length 3 m)
Dimensions: Contact = 32 mm x Ø 8 mm
Magnet = 30 mm x Ø 6 mm AINICo 5
Housing (LxWxH) = 54 x 13 x 13 mm

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