KNX room temperature controller module 2-gang

The JUNG KNX system offers a big plus in convenience, security and economy both in private dwellings and commercial construction. All the house functions and numerous multimedia functions can be networked together and controlled centrally with the KNX intelligent building system technology. The visualisation and evaluation of energy consumption, the Smart Metering, can also be implemented easily with KNX technology. The function of the individual components is determined by their programming, which can be changed and adapted at any time. What this means for the user is a convenient and flexible form of building technology that can be customised to meet his or her individual needs.

A 5178 TSM


including transparent cover and inlay with symbols
for cover kit 2-gang, ref.-no.: A 502 TSA ..

Intended use

  • Single-room temperature control in KNX installations
  • Operation of loads, e.g. light on/off, dimming, blinds up/down, calling up and saving light scenes, etc.
  • Installation in flush box according to EN 60670-1

Product characteristics
All buttons can be assigned with push-button sensor functions or functions for controller operation.

  • KNX medium: TP 256
  • Measurement of room temperature
  • Room temperature control with setpoint value specification
  • Extension unit for room temperature controller
  • Push-button functions switching, dimming, controlling blinds, value transmitter, calling up light scenes etc.
  • One or two functions per button
  • Completion with cover kit 2-gang
  • Inscription field can be illuminated
  • Two red status LEDs per button – red, green or blue adjustable
  • One operation LED as an orientation light and to indicate the programming status – red, green or blue adjustable
  • Brightness of status LEDs, operation LED and labelling field adjustable; switchable while in operation, e.g. during the night
  • Disabling function: Disabling or change function mode of single or all button functions
  • Alarm function, optional acknowledge by pressing any button
  • Energy saving mode (for operation without controller function)
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Connection for a push-button extension module, for extension with up to eight additional buttons

Spare part:
Transparent cover ref.-no.: A 50 NA

Neutral cover ref.-no.: A 50 NA W, A 50 NA WW, A 50 NA SW, A 50 NA AL, A 50 NA CH, A 50 NA MO

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