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for inserts “light” ref.-no.: 1701 SE, 1701 PSE, 1704 ESE1702 SE1710 DE1711 DE1712 DE1713 DSTE1723 NE
IP 44 suitable for installation in interiors and exteriors.
Degree of protection IP 44 is ensured with sealing gasket ref.-no. 551 WU and “IP 44 frame” of the respective design range.
available April 2023

Intended use

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • Wireless linking with JUNG HOME system devices
  • Operation with system insert for switching or dimming or satellite insert 3-wire
  • Wall installation on system insert

Product characteristics

  • Commissioning and operation using JUNG HOME app with mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth®
  • 2 buttons for continuous ON/OFF or automatic operation
  • Detection range extended by combining several JUNG HOME motion detectors or via satellite input
  • Multi-coloured status indicator with optional night mode
  • Disabling of local operation
  • Free linking of the motion sensor with actuator in the insert or wirelessly with other JUNG HOME devices or for calling up a light scene
  • Up to 16 time programs control the functions of the respective insert (ON/OFF switching or dimming)
  • Staircase lighting function (lighting cannot be switched off manually) with switch-off warning
  • Run-on time
  • Activate/deactivate automatic operation using JUNG HOME app
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Automatic date and time update when connecting with smartphone
  • Maximum and minimum brightness adjustable, with dimming insert
  • Switch-on with last brightness or fixed switch-on brightness, with dimming insert
  • Local actuator integrated into groups, central functions and light scenes
  • Evaluation of the satellite inputs (if present) for controlling the insert
  • Bluetooth® SIG Mesh for fully encrypted wireless communication and repeater function
  • Can be updated using JUNG HOME app

Available in future via update:
(Notes on updates and schedules can be found at www.jung.de/JUNGHOME)

  • Time programs with sunrise or sunset (astro function)
  • Time programs with random timing
  • Dynamic run-on time
  • Disable and override functions: Continuous ON/OFF or ON/OFF for fixed time
  • Night light function with period for brightness reduction, with dimming insert
  • Hotel function (orientation light instead of OFF), with dimming insert
  • Warm dimming (changing of the colour temperature with simultaneous brightness increase), with DALI insert
  • Switch-on delay / switch-off delay

Technical data

Ambient temperature: −5 … +45 °C
Transport temperature: −25 … +70 °C
Storing temperature: −5 … +45 °C
Relative humidity: 20 … 70 % (no condensation)
Degree of protection: IP 20
Accuracy per month: ± 13 s
Power reserve: min. 4 h
Detection angle: 180°
Mounting height: 1.1 / 2.2 m
Sensitivity: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 %
Brightness setting: approx. 5 … 1,000 lx (and daytime operation)
Run-on time: approx. 10 s … 60 min
Radio frequency: 2402.0 … 2480.0 MHz
Transmitting power: max. 10 mW (class 1.5)
Transmission range
    in buildings: approx. 30 m

Operating Instructions


Product Data Sheet


EC Declaration of Conformity

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