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Loudspeakers : Elipson 34F white pair
Preamplifier : Elipson P1 F (Fully Extra)
Power Amplifier : Elipson A2700

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A tall, 3-way model, the Prestige Facet 34F has a commanding presence thanks to its elegant design and impressive sonic performance, which combines finesse with power with impressive deep bass.


The Elipson Prestige Facet 34F speaker introduces a host of innovative technologies. The most visible is undeniably the ring of sculpted facets surrounding each driver, which gives the range its name. A rigorous design process ensures optimal acoustic performance, while an elegant finish allows the speaker to blend in harmoniously with your interior decor.

The Prestige Facet 34F is availble in black, walnut and white. Signs of a high-quality finish include a double-layer front panel to which a black or white lacquer is applied. This 3-way floorstanding speaker is equipped with two 10″ bass drivers and two 7″mid-low drivers. The latter is fitted with a bullet-shaped phase plug to limit vibrations and, consequently, reduce distortion. A 25 mm soft dome tweeter reproduces highs with finesse and precision. The multifaceted, sculpted silicone surround rings encircling each driver reduce the baffle effect and limit diffractions. The result is a more linear response curve and a smoother listening experience.

Extra attention has been paid to the speaker’s cabinet. The lacquered front panel is composed of two dense, thick materials and strengthened by several internal brackets. The speaker’s steep-slope filter relies on highly efficient, audiophile-grade components. As for the finish quality, it is not overlooked and offers benefits such as premium-quality vinyl and a lacquered front panel.

At Elipson, the back counts as much as the front. That is why our designers have created rounded, high-end dual speaker terminals which offer the possibility of biwiring and biamplifying while benefiting from silver-plated contacts to maximize signal transmission. Banana plugs may also be connected to the terminals.

Neutral and accurate, this speaker delivers sound which is free from colouration and faithful to the original recording. Impressions of smoothness and serenity emanate from each track as it is masterfully reproduced, without any hint of harshness.

The Prestige Facet 34F’s high sensitivity allows it to be paired with any amplifier with a power rating of 300 W or less per channel. Its lively performance make it an excellent left or right front channel speaker for a multichannel home cinema installation.


3-way bass-reflex enclosure
Admissible power: 300 W RMS

Bass: 2 x 250 mm (2 x 10”), 50 mm diameter voice coils offering high power handling and maximum cooling during power ups
Medium: 2 x 170 mm (2 x 7”), central ogive to limit turbulence and reduce distortion
Tweeter: 25 mm (1”), silk dome, magnetic assembly offering 95 dB of sensitivity
Optimum Treble Midrange type MTM (Medium/Tweeter/Medium): tweeter at ear height

High-end components
– 18 dB/octave with impedance network for Tweeter
– 6 dB / octave high pass & 12 dB / octave low pass for Mid speakers
– 12 dB octave for Woofers
Cutoff frequencies: 400 / 3500 Hz


Frequency Response (±3dB): 25Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity: 94dB/1W/1m
Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
Minimum impedance: 4.5 ohms (at 28 Hz, bass-reflex tuning frequency)

Silver for bi-wiring or bi-amplification

Lacquered front
MDF box
Vinyl veneer
Colors: Black, White, Black/Walnut

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions without base (wxhxd): 295 x 1190 x 360 mm
Weight: 42.4 kg / unit (44.6 kg with stand)
Packaging (unit): brown cardboard
Packaging dimensions (wxhxd): 535 x 1345 x 470 mm (unit)
Weight (unit): 50 kg

Decoupling spikes (4 per enclosure)

P1 F is a top-of-the-range preamplifier. An audiophile model capable of enhancing all your music while maintaining an optimal signal-to-noise ratio and a distortion reduced to the absolute minimum. The product is not fixed in time, its optional input cards and its modularity allow it to easily follow the market’s evolutions.


The MPH II and MDAC I modules are included in the P1 F version.

Equipped with line inputs in its original configuration, it can in fact be completed with optional slot cards: one for the RIAA MM/MC Phono stages, as well as another module offering three digital inputs with a resolution of up to 32 bit sampled at 384 kHz.

This modularity, for both the analog and digital parts, is supported by internal software that can be upgraded by the user via an easily accessible USB port. Elipson P1 is therefore a device of the present looking to the future.

Elegant and sober at the same time, the P1 is totally transparent thanks to the care given to these circuits allowing extremely low background noise and distortion.

Complete with its multiple possibilities, its interface via the front screen offers you perfect comfort of use, complemented by its personalized and elegant remote control.

The result is a reproduction of the tiniest details, an airy spatialization and perfect respect for silences.

Our range is entirely made in France in our Burgundy factory.



Maximum output voltage : 21 dBu (18.8 dBV)@ THD=1%.

Crosstalk : < -100 dB up to 10 kHz

Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) : 500 kΩ / 1 MΩ

Signal-to-noise ratio : 102 dB (A) @ 1 V; Dynamic 120 dB

Total harmonic distortion : < 0.001% over the entire audio band between -16 and +16 dBu

Bandwidth (Line): 2 Hz – 120 kHz @ – 3 dB

Output gain (balanced/unbalanced) : 18 dB / 12 dB


Total number of inputs : 3

Line inputs : 2 x Line RCA + 1 x Sym XLR

Outputs : 1 x RCA stereo (Asym) + 1 x XLR stereo (Sym) + sub + trigger out

Stereo/Mono mode : Yes on front panel

Balance : Yes ± 6 dB



Output power : 150 mW / 32 W

Harmonic Distortion : < 0,001 % (0,001%)

Signal to Noise Ratio : > 100 dB @ 10 mW / 32 Ω

Bandwidth : 2 Hz – 120 kHz

Compatible impedances : 16 to 600 Ω

The A2700 power amplifier is the perfect partner for the P1 pre-amplifier.

The Elipson A2700 power amplifier is a high-end model capable of delivering a high power output of 400 W RMS under 8 ohms in stereo mode or 1400 W RMS under 8 ohms in mono mode. The Elipson A2700 power amp is thus able to give life and energy to any pair of floorstanding or bookshelf speakers. Its association with a preamplifier is also facilitated by its unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs.


The A2700 amplifies with astonishing ease any signal in its entirety, thanks to its strong amplification capacity: 400 W RMS at 8 Ohms, 700 W RMS at 4 Ohms, and notably 900W in pulse mode at 2 Ohms. Adaptable, it can be bridged in mono mode, offering 1400 W RMS (2500 W peak) at 8 Ohms, all without thermal runaway. Thus, this amplifier can drive any speakers on the market.

Beyond its power and versatility, it’s also the employed techniques that leave an impression: focused on minimizing background noise and distortion, as these are essential elements for maintaining the intensity of notes in service of musicality.

A firm hand in a velvet glove is truly what characterizes our amplifier, allowing you to experience the live concert feel in all its complexity and finesse.

Our range is entirely manufactured in France in our Burgundy-based factory.



  • Power amplifier
  • Class D

Effective power

  • 2 x 710 watts @ 4 Ohms
  • 2 x 400 watts @ 8 Ohms



RMS power Wrms / channel / 8 Ω Class D : 400 W @ THD=1 % (clipping) 2 channels on

Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 100 W @ 8 Ω : < 0,005 % @ 1kHz

Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 1 W @ 8 Ω : < 0.003 % @ 1kHz

Intermodulation Distortion (IMD SMPTE) at 100 W : < 0.01%.

RMS power Wrms / channel / 4 Ω : 710 W @ THD=1 % (2 x 750 W peak with CF*=12 dB)

RMS power Wrms clamped mode 8Ω : 1400 W / 2500 W peak with CF=12 dB

Impulse power : 2 x 900 W under 2 Ohms with CF=12 dB

Power consumption (230 Vac / 120 Vac) : 250 W with PF* = 0,96 at Pmax/8 at 4 Ω 2 channels

Number of inputs : 1 x RCA Stereo + 1 x XLR Stereo + trigger In and Out

Input impedance : 1 MΩ

Sensitivity (V) : 9,5 dBu (sym), 3,5 dBu (asym) (2,3 V /1,15 V)

Rise time (μs) : 5ms at Pmax 8 Ω

Bandwidth : 2 Hz – 60 kHz @ -3 dB at 4 Ω

Damping Factor : 1000 at 8 Ohms between 20 Hz and 2 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (Dynamic) : 119 dB (balanced input) at Pmax in stereo

Max Operating Temperature : 40° C

Output configurations : Stereo / Mono bridge


Clipping LED and protection LED (current, power, temperature) per channel. Trigger input and output for stand-by and operation by isolated voltage (5 to 12 V). * CF = peak factor (10 log (P peak/P average)) ** PF = power factor (cos phi)



Stand-by power consumption : < 0,5 W



Dimensions : W x H x D: 95 x 430 x 302/333* mm *with connectors

Weight : 6,5 kg

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