LS 990 in metal

Good architecture is the sum of many details: contemporary styling, a high level of functionality, inspiration of design and sustainable quality combine in a whole. The LS 990 switches in high-quality metal versions meet these aspirations in a special way. Cool stainless steel, light aluminium, glossy chrome or precious gold coating set accents wherever the focus is on something special. Variations in real brass extend the portfolio: classic brass with a high-gloss, a smoothly polished finish and antique brass matching the traditional interior. The unique surfaces are ideally matched to the design and function of the LS 990. Craftsmanship and love for detail are reflected in the high-quality finish.

Timelessly authentic

Restrained elegance in anthracite or an emphasis on luxury in gold: LS 990 switches in real metal are the particularly valued versions of the timeless JUNG classic and stand for exclusive interior design.

For us, metal is metal

Metal materials were particularly close to the heart of the company founder, Albrecht Jung. As a result, the company was already concentrating on the processing of metals from the 1920s. The narrow frame of the LS 990 and the small radii demand a high level of precision from the design and tool construction. All along, JUNG has produced the corresponding centre plates for the frames in the same material. That requires a different tool for each of over 200 different products. The production processes are exactly tailored to the properties of the individual metals.

From the very beginning, the LS 990 is built for the future

14 million socket inserts and 8 million flush-mounted units for switches, produced on fully automatic production lines, leave the JUNG plants in Schalksmühle and Lünen every year. More than 1,000 variants are manufactured on flexible assembly lines, both customer-specific and in smaller quantities. The tools developed and produced by us guarantee the highest level of precision in processing. The parts produced by suppliers have been coming overwhelmingly from the local area for generations. Sustainability in production is a top priority.

The switch

As a visible element, the light switch connects the electrical installation with the room. It must therefore meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. The eye-catching quality of the surface hides the many mechanical parts inside the switch mechanism.

The socket

The JUNG SCHUKO® socket makes the operation of mobile appliances possible. Every time the socket is connected, it is subjected to mechanical stress because heat is generated where electricity flows. The actual quality of a socket is therefore concealed inside, in the quality of the contacts and springs.

The push-button

The F 40 push-button is used for control tasks in KNX systems. It relies on generous two-dimensionality and with the compact design of its electronics allows the operation of up to eight functions with a single push-button. The regulation of temperature, light or blinds can thus be seamlessly integrated into the electrical installation.


From the basics for the light, shade and temperature control via the wireless JUNG eNet Smart Home to the KNX system for private and commercial buildings – the LS 990 switch range provides a large bandwidth of solutions for all systems in building control.

LB Management

The basis for light, shade and temperature control: the flush-mounted inserts and centre plates from the LB Management form a basic installation that can be extended at any time. Needs-based and user friendly.


The flexible, wireless smart-home system: JUNG eNet SMART HOME is installed particularly quickly – even when retrofitting. It automates functions for light, shade and heating using a single platform.


For more convenience, security and economy: with a KNX system, numerous house and multimedia functions can be intelligently networked together, visualised and controlled centrally. KNX is standardised, future-proof technology for a professional smart home.