LS 1912 – the aesthetics of switching

Purist design and innovative strength have been combined at JUNG since 1912. With the LS 1912 toggle switch, we draw on this tradition and implement it in a contemporary form. The material and mechanics lend the LS 1912 switch a very particular charm. The toggle levers in aluminium, stainless steel, brass or chrome make it possible to relive the mechanics of switching. They are available as cylinders, cones or cubes.

Design versatility

Pure matt

The LS 1912 toggle switch unifies a classic switch feeling with the technical demands of today. With the matt colours graphite black and snow white, JUNG has extended the toggle switch in metal with a special feel. LS 1912 thus makes itself suitable for timeless and above all minimalist interior design.

LS 1912 with cylindrical toggle lever

For the LS 1912, toggle levers, centre plates and switch mechanisms were developed in a modular system so that no screws are visible after fastening. Only the toggle lever stands out from the unit as a particular style element. The LS 1912 with cylindrical toggle lever is available in classic brass, stainless steel, aluminium and dark.

LS 1912 in aluminum with cylindrical toggle switch

LS 1912 in dark with cylindrical toggle switch

LS 1912 with cone-shaped toggle lever

LS 1912 with cone-shaped toggle lever is likewise available in brass, classic, stainless steel, aluminium and dark. The stainless steel switches are shot-blasted with glass beads; the versions in aluminium are pickled matt. LS 1912 in dark is based on aluminium and is lacquered in an elegant, dark brown.

LS 1912 in aluminum with cylindrical toggle switch

LS 1912 in dark with cone-shaped toggle switch

LS 1912 in stainless steel with cone-shaped toggle switch

LS 1912 with cubic toggle lever

The cube version is specifically matched to the material. The base material of the LS 1912 switches in chrome is brass. With the perfect finishing, JUNG sets standards in the manufacture of these high-quality switches. For the LS 1912 in chrome, the toggle lever is cubic.

LS 1912 in chrome with cubic toggle switch

LS 1912 in chrome with cubic toggle switch, 2-gang

LS 1912 with LED indicator lamp

Restrained but still easily visible: the LS 1912 is also available with LED indicator lamp. The red LED integrated into the toggle lever signals the switch status and also indicates the way to the light switch in an instant.

LS 1912 impressions

From authentically renovated villas in the Wilhelminian style to modern architecture – the LS 1912 toggle switch stands for high-quality interior and design. LS 1912 is a homage to the pioneer era of electrification, and at the same time a functional accessory for exclusive interior design.

LS 1912 inspiration

Pioneering spirit

As a pioneer of his time, Albrecht Jung laid the foundation for the JUNG success story with the founding of the company in 1912. Inventiveness and entrepreneurial courage characterise his personality. He is driven by the pursuit of progress, quality and good design.


Innovation, passion and precision have defined the developments from JUNG for over 100 years. A sophisticated operating philosophy and clear, functional layout characterise our products and make us the premium supplier of modern building technology.

Ingenuity has a future

At the beginning of the JUNG organisation, there is an invention by the founder, Albrecht Jung: the pull cord switch with 1/8 rotation. The innovation lies in a particularly short actuation path - a principle that still forms the basis of all the company's switch designs today.
Albrecht Jung.

Functional diversity

LS 1912 unifies intuitively operated switches with excellent design and functional diversity. Over 200 centre plates can be combined with the LS 1912. These include light switches, sockets for international systems, multimedia connections, universal LED dimmers and KNX push-buttons.


From the basics for lighting, shade and temperature control via the wireless JUNG eNet Smart Home to the KNX system for private and commercial buildings – the LS 1912 switch range can be integrated into all building control systems.

LB Management

The basis for light, shade and temperature control: the flush-mounted inserts and centre plates from the LB Management form a basic installation that can be extended at any time. Needs-based and user friendly.


The flexible, wireless smart-home system: JUNG eNet SMART HOME is installed particularly quickly – even when retrofitting. It automates functions for light, shade and heating using a single platform.


For more convenience, security and economy: with a KNX system, numerous house and multimedia functions can be intelligently networked together, visualised and controlled centrally. KNX is standardised, future-proof technology for a professional smart home.