LB Management – flexible operation, easy installation

The electronic solutions for new buildings and modernisation: LB Management provides a solution for virtually every function for light, shade and temperature control. With the components, you can control blinds and shutters, for example, based on time, switch on the lighting when movement is detected or adapt the room lighting to the ambient brightness. LB Management is suitable for an initial installation in the complete new construction. Individual components can just as easily be integrated into the existing installation during a modernisation.

Switching and dimming lights

Switch and dim the light as required. Create atmospheric ambience. LB Management is easy to use and can be operated intuitively.

Control temperature

Make yourself cosy at home with your comfort temperature. You control the room temperature based on time and in accordance with your needs using thermostats. The temperature control supplements LB Management – fitting to the design of the switches.

Control blinds and shutters

Light and shading in one system. With LB Management you can control blinds and shutters manually with a timer switch or the app. Easy to use, intuitive to operate.

Set up and control with an app

With the Clever Config app, you can set the Bluetooth devices of LB Management using a smartphone: convenient control of the functions, display of values and states, creation of time controls, and configurations.

Flexible possibilities

Automatic control of blinds, presence simulation, use of the alarm function: discover the numerous possibilities. Simple to install and flexible to extend – this is how LB Management creates convenience and accompanies you comfortably through the day.

Switching and dimming lights

Light according to your mood or on demand - with the components of LB Management you get more convenience and energy efficiency for your lighting control. Very easy with automatic switches, presence detectors and dimmers.

Advantages at a glance

- Switching and dimming lights
- Integrate motion detectors and timer switches
- Simulate presence
- Various switch ranges to choose from

- Operate manually with a switch or with an app
- Specify automatic switching times
- Adjust switching times with the integrated astro function
- Adjust brightness individually

- Easy to install
- Inexpensively retrofitted
- Compatible with eNet SMART HOME products
- Nightlight and hotel function

Control blinds and shutters

We unify light and shading control. Operate the blinds and shutters manually or with the app. With our timer switch covers, you can even shade your living area completely automatically with the astro function.

Advantages at a glance

- Open and close blinds
- Group and central control
- Simulate presence
- Various switch ranges to choose from

- Operate manually with a switch or with an app
- Specify automatic movement times
- Adapt movement times using the integrated astro function

- Easy installation of the blinds control
- Inexpensively retrofitted
- Compatible with eNet SMART HOME products

Control temperature

Control the temperature in the same way as you dim the light or operate the blinds.

Advantages at a glance

- Control temperature
- Timer programs for automatic heating
- Interrupting heating in accordance with the EN 50559 standard:
- Various switch ranges to choose from

- Manual operation
- Automatic operation: comfort, ECO and frost protection
- Operating lock

- Heating optimisation (requires radiators or surface heating)
- Cooling (in combination with heat pumps/cooling matrix)
- Temperature drop detection

Operate manually in the switch design

The controls in LB Management are all available in our multifaceted designs. As a result, they impress both with their intuitive operating philosophy and with form, colour and material.


LB Management push-button 1-gang

You can operate the light and shading manually with the push-button. You can operate the button at the top, the bottom and additionally on the full surface. The cover is available with or without symbols. The LB Management push-button 2-gang is a cover for inserts with two channels. In addition to switching and dimming, this cover works with the Power DALI push-button controller Tunable White. The left rocker controls the brightness and the right rocker controls the colour temperature.


Universal centre plate

The Universal centre plate with memory and disabling function is suitable for almost all system inserts. A coloured LED is assigned to each rocker half and is used for the function and status display. You can operate the switch manually or automatically. The cover for the automatic shading control is available with appropriate arrow symbols.

Dimming expertise

With LB Management, various options are available to you for future-proof lighting control, including connection to DALI lighting systems. Depending on the features of the room, various installation possibilities can be chosen.


Touch dimmer

With the touch dimmer 1-gang or 2-gang, you can switch and dim the lighting with a touch. The Universal touch dimmer (2-gang) even allows two luminaires to be dimmed independently of each other. The two dimming channels detect the different type of load in each case. You can store an individual switch-on value separately for each LED luminaire or luminaire group.

Dali Potentionmeter@2x

Power DALI potentiometer

The Power DALI potentiometer operates luminaires with DALI interface, including colour temperature control (Tunable White).

Control automatically and on the move

Real glass front in black or white with six sensor buttons for intuitive operation – these are the striking characteristics of the timer switch display. In this way, the automatic control of light and shading becomes particularly convenient.


Timer switch display

The timer switch is a 1-channel timer switch for all inserts. The high-quality, real glass surface has an illuminated display and six sensor buttons for operation. You can store the current time as the switching time using the quick programming. The disabling function deactivates automatic functions, satellites and timer programmes. Thanks to the astro function, switching times are adapted to the position of the sun.

Gruppe 3698@2x

Universal timer Bluetooth

The Universal timer Bluetooth is a cover for all system inserts for light and shading control. You control it either manually with the two rockers or with a smartphone using the Clever Config app. Colour LEDs for function display and the appropriate button labelling optimise use.

Automatic light

Light on demand: with the components of LB Management you get more convenience and energy efficiency for your illumination control. Very easy with automatic switches and presence detectors.

The motion detector

The motion detectors are ideal to use in corridors and passages. Their 180-degree detection range is monitored by two PIR sensors that can be used individually or together. The 2.20 m version can be used very well in offices or recreation rooms. The settings in the Universal automatic switch versions are made conveniently using an app.

Motion detector 1.10 m

Motion detector 2.20 m

Automatic switching in many areas

With our automatic switches you increase the safety, convenience and energy efficiency in your home. You can not only use the automatic switches as classic motion detectors, but also use them to simulate your presence. They also have an alarm and nightlight function.

Presence simulation

With the presence simulation, the house or apartment has the effect of being occupied when you are not at home. LB Management stores the switching operations that you trigger in normal operation when you are present. When the presence simulation is activated, the lighting is switched on and off dependent on the brightness at the times stored from the previous day.

Alarm function

When you activate the alarm operation, the motion detectors for your LB Management turn into watchdogs. The alarm function makes the lighting flash when there is movement in the house or apartment. In this way, burglars are unsettled and neighbours become aware. The alarm function is initiated brightness-independent and is used with other functions such as presence simulation.

The ceiling observer/presence detector

You can rely on the detection characteristics of the ceiling observer/presence detector. When installed at heights of up to six metres, the unit registers everything that is moving within a diameter of approx. 20 m. For this, the device has three PIR sensors operating independently of each other. You can conveniently make all settings using the Clever Config app.
Each of the three PIR sensors is assigned to an individually activatable area with a 120-degree detection angle. By grouping up to five devices, the detection range can be extended. In its role as a presence detector, the compact device automatically provides, for example, energy-saving lighting of the work area in an office. In corridors and hallways, the ceiling observer demonstrates its strengths. The device has a 360° detection range with a radius of 20 metres – based on an installation height of three metres. In addition, the ceiling observer/presence detector has a presence, night light, alarm and hotel function as well as constant light control.

Ceiling observer/presence detector

The room thermostat set

The temperature controller is identical in design and operating principle to the timer switch display of LB Management. With the combination of centre plate and room thermostat, you quickly get your bearings and control the temperature in the same way as you dim the light or operate the blinds.

The room thermostat set controls both water-based and electrical underfloor heating and radiators. In combination with a modern heat pump system, it also enables room cooling. It consists of a flush-mounted insert with sensor connection and the standard display cover for the room temperature control.

The room thermostat set has a particularly flat design and has an elegant real glass front. It is available in our AS, A, CD and LS switch ranges and in the colours black and white.

Clever Config

With this app, you can set and operate the Bluetooth-compatible devices using a smartphone: for convenient control of functions, display of values and statuses, setting of timer controls and parameters such as shut-off delay or brightness.

The Clever Config app is available for iOS and Android.

By sun position

As well as programming by time, you can also set the sequences for blinds control dependent on the sun position with the astro function. In the course of the year, the times for the blinds/shutters moving up and down and the switching on and off of the light adapt to the changing sunrise and sunset times.

More security

You can lock device configuration and device pairing with a password if required. In this way, you are protected from unwanted access. The pairing mode can also be protected so that the device cannot be operated with the app by other people.

Operation made easy

With one finger tip, you can switch the lighting on or off or dim the lighting to the desired brightness. Blinds and shutters are moved up or down or into the desired position. You can even easily set the angle of the slats with it.

Create a connection

Connecting the app with the LB Management device uses Bluetooth Low Energy. After a successful scan, the devices found are displayed in a clear list. You can then transfer the respective device configurations to the app.

Easy commissioning

You can now allocate the paired devices to the rooms and give them a name, which makes allocation during operation easier. In the “Parameters” menu point, you can then individualise the device settings or simply copy them from devices already stored.

Timer switch setting

Automatically running timer programs: creating timer controls for LB Management is as simple as the alarm on a smartphone. In this way, the respective device is switched on or off or switched to a different status, e.g. “Lighting dimmed 40 %”.

Combine LB Management with eNet SMART HOME

Two worlds combined: with the eNet push-buttons, the shutters, blinds and luminaires of LB Management in your smart home can also be operated.

eNet push-button Standard 1-gang

The eNet push-button connects LB Management with eNet SMART HOME. In the process, the selected light or blinds inserts are simply combined with the eNet push-button. And then you can already operate the lighting with the eNet SMART HOME app as well, for example.

eNet push-button Standard 1-gang "arrow"

For even more possibilities, you can also get the eNet push-buttons with printed arrows – ideal for moving blinds or for dimming luminaires. With an appropriate system insert, you can permanently store the switch-on brightness.

eNet push-button Universal 2-gang

This version has additional convenience functions. For example, you can activate the memory function with the bottom of the right button (asterisk button). With the upper button (padlock symbol), you switch on the disabling function for all automatic operations.

eNet push-button Universal 2-gang "arrow"

The version with printed arrows is likewise ideally suited to shutters or dimmable luminaires: you can use it to operate electrically operated blinds, shutters and awnings and dim connected luminaires – manually and via app.