KNX F 50 push-button - designed to control

Precise workmanship meets a concise design language: the JUNG KNX F 50 push-button impresses with its concept. It is a multifunctional control unit for controlling light, shading, temperature and many other functions in a KNX system.

Operate smart building technologyÔÇçintuitively

The arrangement of the buttons and the clear lines lead the user to the respective function. Colour LEDs indicate the switching state. In this way, the overall look of the JUNG KNX F 50 push-button is very homogenous.

Integrated temperature sensor for more energy efficiency

Selectable RGB colours for button lighting

Low-priced expansion for a cost-efficient electrical installation

One or two-button operation for flexible control of the functions

Harmonious and matched to the interior, or a visual statement: The KNX F 50 push-button in the JUNG design is available in high-quality versions in various materials and colours: aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, gold-coloured and brass.

Design ranges for the KNX F 50 push-button

For every interior design we offer the push-button in the right material and the matching colour. Furthermore, you have the choice of different shapes: the JUNG KNX push-button is available in the four LS, A, AS and CD ranges.

LS range

The square shape with straight lines, with a narrow or broad frame and made of top-quality materials, fits superbly into any ambience.

A range

This design range with its high quality plastic or glass frames in various colours has an especially light and modern effect.

AS range

All frames and covers from AS 500 have uniform lines.

CD range

A multiplicity of colours and high-quality materials underscore the soft rounded shapes of the CD range.

Colour creates atmosphere

Le Corbusier's universal colour system, the Polychromie Architecturale, inspires with a timeless colour palette and noteworthy combinability. We also offer the KNX F 50 push-button in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours as an exclusive partner.

More flexibly for your building control

The KNX F 50 push-button family also includes the version with KNX RF. It works wirelessly and can be placed flexibly in the room as this push-button gets its energy from a battery. Installers can combine both versions in multiple frames.

F 50 push-button

The JUNG KNX F 50 push-button is available in standard and universal versions. The latter has more functions and an integrated thermometer that contributes to efficient temperature regulation.

KNX RF F 50 push-button

The battery-operated, wireless versions with KNX RF bypass any structural conditions, where no bus cables can be laid or are wanted. As the push-buttons are simply stuck on, simply flexibly position the flat devices where they are needed.

F 50 KNX compact room controller

The KNX room controller with its display is a particularly versatile device in the push-button family. It impresses with a clear operating concept and immediately shows which functions you can control and which values you can change.

Elegant operating device: the KNX compact room controller impresses with an intuitive operating concept and being equipped with two integrated temperature controllers. The backlit LC display clearly legibly shows the most important values and functions from every angle. Depending on the respective functions, the button icons shown on the display can be individually selected during programming. Identify the buttons with the GRAPHICTOOL. This supports the allocation of functions. The same applies to the RGB status LED. Your integrator can allocate push-button or controller functions to all buttons of the room controller.

The advantages at a glance:

- uniform design matched to the KNX F 50 push-button
- light, shading and temperature control in one device
- good readability from every angle due to the backlit LC display
- demand-based room temperature control through integrated temperature sensor
- independent control of a second room with an external temperature sensor
- cost reduction of up to 30 percent due to individual control of two rooms with one room controller plus extension module

As individual as your standards

You can customise the KNX F 50 push-button with the JUNG GRAPHICTOOL exactly as you want it. Engrave the buttons, print on the inscription field or combine both possibilities. You have numerous possibilities with the GRAPHICTOOL.

Laser and print

In indelible colour printing or with the high-quality laser engraving, the surfaces are labelled individually.

Label printing

A label produced with the GRAPHICTOOL can be inserted under the transparent cover. You simply print this out and place it behind the design cover of the push-button.

Lighting effect of the design covers

In black, the design cover of the F 50 can be equipped with backlighting. Operation becomes even clearer and the push-buttons set accents with the lighting.

Intuitive operation of all functions

With this push-button you can control your building with the buttons arranged on the sides. The allocation of functions is entirely up to you and your room equipment: for example, the button on the left dims the coloured light while the button on the right side makes the lighting brighter. Furthermore, the KNX F 50 push-button supports one or two-button operation: every button can cover up to two functions. You can naturally also add scenes to a button and thus call multiple functions with just one press of a button.

Application translated into technology

Coloured LEDs, cost-efficient electrical installation and an installation-friendly basic concept: the JUNG KNX F 50 push-button impresses both owners and electricians.

Illuminated buttons

In the universal version, the F 50 has an operating LED and a status LED for each button in red, green or blue - completely as you wish. The operating LED also provides orientation in the room and shows where the push-button is on the wall. You can freely specify the brightness of the LED.

Connection of a push-button extension module

If your technical partner attaches a push-button extension module, the functional scope is increased while minimising the load on the bus. The KNX F 50 push-buttons enable the extension module to be installed at a distance of up to 30 metres.

Trade-friendly mounting

The push-buttons are especially easy to install thanks to their flat shape and small installation depth. The easily accessible connections for the KNX bus and the push-button extension module as a satellite unit are clearly marked and thus make installation easier.