KNX F 40 push-button – functional diversity with large operating buttons

Easy handling. This is what the KNX F 40 push-button stands for. Thanks to the large operating areas, the push-button has a particularly convenient concept for controlling functions.

Control a smart home very easily

The KNX F 40 push-button uses square control buttons for convenient handling. These large operating areas allow easy control of functions and calling of scenes in the KNX system.

Including temperature sensor for determining the temperature

Clear status indication with red LED

Cost-efficient extension of functionality with extension module

Operation with up to four functions per button

Matched to the interior design or in contrast: the KNX F 40 push-button is available in high-quality versions in various materials and in different colours. From aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and gold-coloured to brass, there is something for every interior.

The right design for your project

Flexibility for the planning: there are identical basic modules for all versions of the F 40 push-button. In this way, you can still select for yourself the right design even after mounting. As a result you have the greatest possible flexibility. The push-button is available in the LS, A, AS and CD ranges.

LS range

The square shape with straight lines, with a narrow or broad frame and made of top-quality materials, fits superbly into any ambience.

A range

The A range has an especially light and modern effect with its high quality plastic or glass frames in various colours.

AS range

All frames and covers from AS 500 have uniform lines.

CD range

A multiplicity of colours and high-quality materials underscore the soft rounded shapes of the CD range.

The simplest form of manual building control

The JUNG F 40 push-button is available with additional functions and components. Together with KNX RF, it works wirelessly and you can position it where you need it. Furthermore, it is possible to combine it in a multiple frame.

More flexibly for your building control

The KNX F 50 push-button family also includes the version with KNX RF. It works wirelessly and can be placed flexibly in the room as this push-button gets its energy from a battery. Installers can combine both versions in multiple frames.

F 40 push-button

The JUNG KNX F 40 push-button is available in standard and universal versions. The latter has more functions and an integrated thermometer that contributes to efficient temperature regulation.

KNX RF F 40 push-button

The wireless version with KNX RF bypasses any structural conditions where no twisted-pair cable can be laid or it is not wanted. Just place the battery-operated wall transmitters where they are needed. You can simply stick them on.

F 40 KNX compact room controller

With the KNX compact room controller you centrally control lighting as well as the temperature and also move the blinds.

The device has large operating areas that you can design individually with the JUNG GRAPHICTOOL. The illuminated digital display clearly shows the room, outside or set temperature and shows the current time. In addition, it is possible to expand the functions by adding the Universal push-button sensor extension module to the KNX compact room controller to include a 1-gang to 4-gang push-button. With the help of the integrated sensor, the compact room controller also reliably measures the room temperature.

The advantages at a glance:

- uniform design matched to the KNX F 40 push-button
- demand-based room temperature control through integrated temperature sensor
- independent control of a second room with an external temperature sensor
- light, shade and temperature control in one device
- good readability from every angle thanks to backlit LC display
- cost reduction by up to 30 percent due to individual control of two rooms with a room
controller plus extension module
- individual labelling with the JUNG GRAPHICTOOL

Label individually

Clear function allocation: the large operating areas of the F 40 can be identified with the JUNG GRAPHICTOOL with high-quality laser engraving or colour printing. In this way, operation becomes even easier.

Print or laser

The surfaces of the buttons are individually identified with high-quality laser engraving or indelible colour printing.

Label printing

Design you own label with the GRAPHICTOOL and simply place it under the transparent cover.

Simple operation of all functions

The operating button of the F 40 can be configured in each case as rocker or button function. For the rocker function, an operating button is divided into two operating pressure points with the same basic function. With the button function on the other hand you get two individually configurable functions.

Smart technology – in and around the house

Scene storage, cost-efficient extension of the electrical installation and an installation-friendly concept: the JUNG KNX F 40 push-button impresses installers on the site just as much as the owner in the finished living room.

Connection of the extension module

Your specialist connects the flat push-button extension module directly to the main module for flexible extension of the functions. With the help of a special supporting frame , it is mounted in a 2-gang frame. The advantage for retrofitting as well: a separate flush-mounted box is not necessary.

Construction site coverage

Thanks to the temporary cover, button and function allocation can be implemented in construction site operation. There is thus time to make the decision for the switch range until project acceptance.

Quick button mounting

The operating areas are provided as complete cover kit on a mounting aid for quick mounting. In addition, every button can be individually replaced, for example for a lasered or printed version.