KNX F 10 push-button ÔÇô smart functions in a stylish design

The JUNG KNX F 10 push-button looks like a classic light switch, but masters intelligent KNX technology. The variety is great, and thanks to its classic design, the operation of the KNX systems is clear. With the button or rocker function, operation of the smart building can be implemented flexibly.

Classic form meets KNX

With the F 10 push-button, the technology and design form a special unit that meets all demands. It combines KNX with an elegant design. The push-button blends seamlessly and clearly into the interior without feeling too technical.

Dedicated sensor for recording the room temperature

Clear LED in different RGB colours

Extension module for a cost-effective increase in functionality

Reliable encryption with KNX Data Secure

The JUNG KNX F 10 push-button offers itself in numerous shapes, colours and high-quality materials. In this way, it complements the widest range of furnishing styles in an ideal way.

The right switch range for all demands

Flexibility for the planning: there are identical basic modules for all versions of the F 40 push-button. In this way, you can still select for yourself the right design even after mounting. As a result you have the greatest possible flexibility. The push-button is available in the LS, A, AS and CD ranges.

LS range

The square shape with straight lines, with a narrow or broad frame and made of top-quality materials, fits superbly into any ambience.

A range

The A range has an especially light and modern effect with its high quality plastic or glass frames in various colours.

AS range

All frames and covers from AS 500 have uniform lines.

CD range

A multiplicity of colours and high-quality materials underscore the soft rounded shapes of the CD range.

Versatile possibilities

Switch luminaires on an off, lower sun protection or operate a satellite unit: with its elegant design, the KNX F 10 push-button unifies numerous functions.

Clear labelling

You can label the buttons of the F 10 as needed with the JUNG GRAPHICTOOL. High-quality laser engraving or colour printing make it clear which functions are allocated to the KNX F 10 push-button.

Laser engraving

Colour printing

Clear operation

The push-button assignment of the JUNG KNX F 10 push-buttons can be completely customised. The standard and universal push-buttons switch and dim lamps, control blinds and much more. In addition, their individual switching points can be assigned multiple times by using a clever operating concept.

With its operating concept, the KNX F 10 push-button enables a particularly versatile control of the smart building. It masters both the button function and the rocker function. The button function allows among other things full-surface operation. The rocker function enables additional control possibilities such as dimming luminaires.

Structure and installation

The structure of a KNX F 10 push-button consists of only four components: a supporting frame made from solid, galvanised steel, a frame in the JUNG design, a push-button module in the Standard or Universal version or an extension module and a matching rocker. While the supporting frame is securely screwed to the flush-mounted box, the plastic fixing screws fasten the push-button module to the supporting frame.

Connection of an extension module

Small installation depth

Attaching a light push-button

Due to the compact design of the KNX F 10 push-button, installers have more scope. The small installation depth of only 15 mm clearly creates more space for the wiring.