The smart SCHUKO® sockets

The JUNG HOME SCHUKO® sockets are available in two versions. Both can be switched via the JUNG HOME push-buttons, the app or on the socket itself. Also, freely configurable timer switching points and an astro function are integrated. The JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket Energy is additionally equipped with a function for measuring energy consumption.

Looks like a socket, but can do much more. The JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket at a glance:

ÔÇó operating button with multi-colored background lighting to switch the socket
ÔÇó 16 timer programs with astro function*, summer and winter time with automatic summer and winter time adjustment, random function
ÔÇó run-on time, switch-on / switch-off delay

ÔÇó integrated 16A switch actuator
ÔÇó fully encrypted wireless communication and mesh repeater function
ÔÇó with screw terminals for rigid and flexible wires up to 2.5 mm┬▓
ÔÇó use an appliance box with mounting depth of min. 53 mm

JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket Energy

This smart socket measures electricity consumption and thus allows targeted energy management. The energy consumption data can be called up in the app.

Additional functions of the JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket Energy:

ÔÇó integrated power (W) and energy measurement (kWh)
ÔÇó power measurement from 0.1 to 3650 watt
ÔÇó recording of the energy flow over the previous 24 hours and the previous 31 days (charting)
ÔÇó Operating hours counter, energy measurement period

ÔÇó Power Save function (switches off standby electrical loads)
ÔÇó master/slave function (switches on a wirelessly linked electrical load depending on the electrical load connected)
ÔÇó overcurrent protection shutdown

Smart technology in the JUNG design

Intelligent, networked, sustainable, secure, flexible ÔÇô our rooms and our requirements are changing. Our design standards for the JUNG HOME SCHUKO┬« socket remain and are governed by a simple concept: timeless, but never boring. Modern, but not trendy. Aesthetic but functional.


LS 990 in stainless steel


LS 990 in white


A 550 in aluminium

JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket Energy

A FLOW in white


CD 500 in platinum


CD 500 in white

Smart is so simple

From 230 volt to smart in 5 minutes and everything stays as normal: the existing socket is simply replaced with a new JUNG HOME SCHUKO® socket. After the smart socket has been installed, using the JUNG HOME app they can be taught-in on a smartphone, allocated to rooms or integrated into scenes.

Frame with 28 mm height above surface

If a standard wall box (< 53 mm) is mounted on the site, the raised frame is suitable: in this way, the space of 8 mm between housing floor and the wall box floor required by the regulations is ensured.