The JUNG HOME temperature control

Push-button, app or voice command: with JUNG HOME, you control the temperature in your home how you want to. Always matched to your needs, energy efficient and smart.

The room thermostat with display in real glass enables the control of the heating in your smart home. It detects a fall in temperature, for example when a window is opened, and switches the heating to frost protection mode. The temperature control can be integrated into scenes.

Selected functions of the JUNG HOME room thermostat display:

• manual and time-controlled regulation of the room temperature
• 16 Timer programs for automatic heating
• simple activation and deactivation of single timer programs using the app
• configuration of comfort, eco, cooling and frost protection temperatures
• supports internal and external temperature sensors

• The holiday program reduces heating costs and ensures comfort on return.
• fast heating up of room with the Boost function
• multi-level operating lock against unintended operation and locking
• of the configuration can be set up

Smart technology in the JUNG design

JUNG HOME room thermostat display

A 550 in white

JUNG HOME room thermostat display

A FLOW in black

JUNG HOME room thermostat display

LS 990 in white

JUNG HOME room thermostat display

LS 990 in black