Smart switching with motion

Light as needed, pleasant temperatures when present: in an energy-efficient JUNG HOME system, motion and presence detectors are a must.

They have a particularly large detection range of 180 degrees for the motion detector and 360 degrees for the presence detector. Where there is movement in the detection range, they reliably switch on the light and – after an individually configurable shut-off delay and no further motion detected – switch it back off. This saves energy and gives more convenience and safety in your home.

JUNG HOME motion detectors

JUNG HOME has two motion detector versions available: one model each for mounting at a height of 1.10 metres and 2.20 metres. Can be conveniently configured with the JUNG HOME app.

Motion detector 1.10 m

The motion detector for mounting at a height of 1.10 meters is ideal for halls and passageways.

Motion detector 2.20 m

With the mounting height of 2.20 meters, this motion detector is optimal for use in offices or common areas.

Selected functions of the JUNG HOME motion detectors

• automatic switching and dimming of lighting depending on motion and ambient brightness
• detection range 180 degrees
• free linking with the actuator in the insert or wirelessly with other JUNG HOME devices
• sliding switch or operating button to activate permanent ON /OFF
• up to 16 timer programs control the functions of the respective insert
• automatic functions: astro function*, time synchronization, run-on time, dynamic run-on time*, switch-on and switch-off delay
• central functions: all ON/all OFF, call up scenes
• in combination with an optional sealing gasket, an IP 44 splash proof installation is provided for the motion detector 2.20 m

JUNG HOME presence detector

The smart presence detector for mounting on the ceiling detects people in a 360-degree area that move within a radius of roughly 20 meters.

The three PIR sensors of the JUNG HOME presence detector can be configured and activated independently of each other. You make all settings conveniently in the JUNG HOME app – without having to go up a ladder. Furthermore, the detector has a comparatively large range of functions compared to the JUNG HOME motion detector: from 16 timer programs to the nightlight and stairway function. In addition, it even has constant light regulation.

Like all other JUNG HOME covers, the presence detector can also switch the attached system insert or operate wirelessly linked JUNG HOME actuators thanks to Bluetooth Mesh: one device that, for example, detects movement in the hallway and then switches on the light in the whole floor.

Set up everything very easily with the JUNG HOME app

In just a few steps you have configured all your devices in the app.

Specify detection range and run-on time

Identify and activate PIR sensors