Electrical technology in the hotel

The greatest convenience for the guests, improved energy efficiency for the hotel operation and optimum work processes for the personnel: for a comfortable hotel, modern technical equipment is indispensableÔÇô from arrival to check-out. Our hospitality solutions unify emotional, economic and ecological aspects. In the process, the JUNG design offers the fitting installations for every hotel interior. Whether it is a new-build or a modernisation: with our hotel components you can implement hotel installations exactly according to your vision.

In the hotel room

All-round feel-good: in the hotel rooms, all guests should be able to get their bearings from the beginning and above all feel they are in good hands ÔÇô from arrival in the room to when they go to bed in the evening.

Relaxation begins as soon as the guests enter their hotel room. Clarity and comprehensibility for operation and function of the switch make their contribution to this.

Clear communication

A good exchange between guests and hotel personnel is important for a successful stay. Operators want efficient housekeeping. Simple means such as the hotel display ideally support these processes as they indicate the wishes of the guests.

Corridor unit

"Do not disturb" or "Make up room": the corresponding lit LED indicates the wish of the guests. The staff ask for entry with the bell push-button. In the case of a project, the integration of card readers can also be implemented in our system.

Room unit

Guests can very easily specify whether they want their room to be cleaned or do not want to be disturbed. The hotel personnel can make their presence known using a bell push-button in the corridor: the three-tone gong sounds in the hotel room. You can download an audio sample here.

Key card holder

Arrive and insert: key card holders are practical, cost-effective and make the stay even more convenient.

Key card holders automatically activate electrical circuits for lighting, ventilation and heating in the room. The requirement determines the functionality ÔÇô from the classic mechanical solution and the modern electronic control with status feedback to the networked cooperation system. However, the focus is always on two aspects: the convenience gain for the guest and the improved energy saving for the hotel owner.

Electronic key card holders

The electronic key card holder works with RFID cards from various manufacturers. Coloured status LEDs provide feedback about the function of the card, presence of the guest or the shut-off delay. It determines when the lighting is switched off after the card is removed. The light colours of the LEDs are specified by the installer during installation in consultation with the owners.

VingCard key card holder

The intelligent key card holder (VingCard)*, alongside coloured feedback LEDs with individually adjustable lighting colours, also has the option of storing different profiles: if a scene with atmospheric light is started with the guest card, the staff card simply switches on the basic lighting.

Mechanical key card holders

If the card is in the key card holder, the electricity is switched on. When guests take it out, the device interrupts the electrical circuit and thus switches off connected electrical loads automatically.

Operate intuitively

Every hotel wants to provide the optimum comfort to its guests. Irrespective of the standard of the technical equipment.

Clear and understandable operation is a prerequisite for a successful stay. The most important functions combined, for example placed centrally next to the bed, provided with clear labelling for a coherent operating philosophy. With the press of a button or using a rotation, guests operate the lighting, control the shade and the air conditioning or start whole scenes ÔÇô simply and intuitively.

Operate centrally

Like being at home: switch on the lighting in the entire hotel room at the touch of a button.

Dimming atmospherically

Dimming the lighting to the desired brightness creates ambience.

Convenience functions

Control multiple functions or scenes using just one device. Clearly identified using symbols.

Plenty of space for labelling

Clear labelling makes operation simple and understandable.

AR Studio app

Start the virtual planning of a hotel with the JUNG AR Studio app. Hotel rooms from economy to luxury: see for yourself how intelligent solutions meet the needs and desires of the hotel guests.

Start app

AR Studio is a comprehensive planning and advice tool ÔÇô the digital sample case for travelling. The app presents the complete range of the JUNG portfolio.

Select product

Simply select a switch range, a material and a colour in the app, then attach the JUNG Experience Marker in the position where the product should be seen.

View solution in augmented reality

Prepared in true-to-life illustrations in large format, the app shows numerous JUNG products such as a bedside panel live on a smartphone. Surfaces, materials and colours can be experienced in a photorealistic display.

Perfect start

Starting from the light switch to the shaver socket to the connection possibility for the guest's own hair dryer: for a successful start to the day ÔÇô or the evening ÔÇô a certain basic level of equipment in the hotel bathroom is essential. It is ideal if this can be integrated both stylishly and reserved.

SCHUKO® socket and light switch

Practical: both components are combined in a multiple frame at the appropriate position.

Shaver socket

In the LS ZERO JUNG design, these classic components can be installed flush, even in wood.

This is where the music is

Control center

Charts from a radio station, streaming personal music using Bluetooth or listen to the news on the television: guests can conveniently choose all of these sources with a KNX push-button.

Climate control with fan coil

Consistent design, convenient and energy efficient: to control a fan coil and air conditioning system, we offer room thermostats both for KNX and for conventional installations.

The JUNG fan coil room thermostat provides the temperature needed in the hotel room. In the switch design and with a high-quality, real glass front, the control fits harmoniously into the interior. Clear information and unambiguous symbols make it easy for the guests to select the appropriate climate mode for their own comfort. The "Eco" mode, one of four operating modes, meets the demands for more energy efficiency. A special feature: the display is darkened in the idle state so that the sleep of the guest is not disturbed. JUNG fan coil controller is available for fan coil units with 2 or 4-pipe systems.

Fan coil room thermostat in white

LS 990 frames in chrome

Fan coil room thermostat in black

LS 990 frames in black

Fan coil room thermostat in black

A CREATION frames in glass in black

Fan coil room thermostat in white

A CREATION frames in glass in champagne

Proven internationally

In order to completely meet the demands of the hotel industry worldwide, there are socket systems in our range fulfilling country-specific standards. These can naturally also be combined in multiple frames as part of the JUNG modular system ÔÇô for a uniform design.

More on this topic

Numerous international connection types are available. Each individual socket meets the respective country-specific requirements. Our international sockets can be implemented in virtually all design ranges.

G + I socket

Socket with male earth pin, French / Belgian

Swiss Standard, type 13

British Standard, 15A

British Standard, 5A

British Standard, 13A

British Standard switch with indicator light, 13A

Switchable socket with switch with indicator light, British Standard

SCHUKO® sockets with USB ports

The new JUNG SCHUKO┬« sockets with USB ports recharge every battery quickly ÔÇô with an output of up to 18 watts. The SCHUKO┬« sockets with integrated USB ports provide various options for charging different devices.

USB type C port

with JUNG Quick Charge® fast-charge function

USB type A and type C ports

with JUNG Quick Charge® fast-charge function

French/Belgian system

with USB type C ports

French/Belgian system

French/Belgian system

Discrete convenience

Every guest expects enough connection possibilities in their room for their multimedia devices. It is nice if these can also fulfil their purpose when concealed.

Connect the laptop or charge the smartphone: this can be realised quickly using the JUNG multimedia terminals with discrete appearance. From various socket systems to antenna sockets to powerful USB chargers and more, the possibilities fulfil the demands. Whether discretely hidden behind a hinged lid or recognisable immediately ÔÇô they always fit with the rest of the electrical installation in the JUNG design

USB charger type A and type C

LS 990

USB charger type A and type C


USB charger with hinged lid

LS 990

Public areas

No guest only stays in their room. Therefore the public hotel areas should also leave nothing to be desired in their equipment and impart a welcoming feeling.


Find their bearings in the strange environment as early as check-in: with simple means for orientation, the guests easily find the correct route - whether it is to their room or to the wellness area. Clear notices, illuminated signals and internationally understandable symbols are as effective here as they are simple.

A clear notice or the house logo in colour: with the Graphic Tool, you can have the glass covers for LED pilot lights and switch rockers in glass labelled according to your own requirements. For the whole hotel or for one piece ÔÇô your guests manage well as a result.

Clear routes, happy guests

Orientation in the public areas of the hotel already starts with the appropriate lighting. The lighting control with automatic switches and presence detectors in aisles and corridors provides effective, energy-saving options: the dimmed background lighting only switches to full brightness when a person is in the vicinity. In addition, LED pilot lights provide bright indicators with low energy consumption.

Illuminated orientation

Light in corridors when needed with clear direction indicators reliably show your guests the way.


Public notices can be installed particularly well using LED signals.


Installed outside rooms next to the door, LED red/green pilot lights give clear indications.


The LED floor pilot light is often used for lighting steps.


With the large detection range, automatic switches are particularly suitable for use in corridors.

Outstandingly presented

Seminars, meetings, training: conference rooms must meet the special requirements. Ideal conditions must be created for this.

For the guests, to hire to businesses or for internal training: conference rooms in the hotel get the appropriate technical equipment with the solutions from JUNG. Preset scenes can be called up and provide appropriate lighting conditions at the press of a button. Sensors monitor the air quality. Displays with function display in the room provide an overview. In this way, you reliably guarantee the best conditions for high customer satisfaction.

Calling the appropriate scenes

Positioned at a central point in the room, JUNG touch displays can be used to call set scenes. They are intuitive to operate thanks to the logically designed user interface.

Controlling functions in the room

Control lighting, move curtains, set temperature as required: an understandable operating philosophy makes the handling of the JUNG room controllers easy. For the best presentation conditions, discretely designed in the switch format.

Specify the ideal room air quality

When there are a lot of people in a room, the fatiguing CO2 content in the air can quickly exceed the critical limit. Therefore, intelligent climate sensors measure the air quality and actuate the ventilation system as required.

Robust aesthetics

A consistently harmonious design actually runs through all of the hotel, such as even the parking areas, for example. This requirement can also be realised with JUNG in less prominent areas with increased requirements for the electrical installation.

Compact design

The surface-mounted units in the WG 600 range are not only resistant to external influences but are also extremely easy to install. Their special features are the flat, compact design and the generously sized rockers.

Particularly hard-wearing

Produced in breakproof thermoplastic, weatherproof and UV resistant as far as possible: the splash-proof WG 800 range can be illuminated and lettered continuously and has ample space for extensive wiring.

Emergency switches and access control

Safety in the JUNG design: emergency and key switches for entry into restricted areas are also possible in the JUNG design.

Door communication

Video and audio indoor stations are particularly suitable if the hotel entrance is locked at night. In this way, the guests can still communicate clearly with the lobby.

Specify the ideal room air quality

When there are a lot of people in a room, the fatiguing CO2 content in the air can quickly exceed the critical limit. Therefore, intelligent climate sensors measure the air quality and actuate the ventilation system as required.