Electrical technology for the health sector

Whether it involves hospitals, care facilities or practices: in the area of the health sector, electrical technology is subject to particularly high demands on quality and safety. JUNG Healthcare solutions are based on the experience and know-how from numerous projects in medical facilities. In the process, safety and convenience for patients as well as optimum working conditions for medical and non-medical staff are the focus.

Safety and convenience for patients, optimal working conditions for doctors, nursing staff and administration. Always in compliance with the special requirements and regulations in the healthcare sector. You can rely on the professional JUNG Healthcare solutions for hospital, doctors' surgeries and care facilities. Draw on extensive know-how and years of experience from numerous electrical installation projects in the field of electrical technology in medical facilities.

The patient room

JUNG products make the stay as pleasant as possible in a hospital facility and at the same time offer the medical personnel the best possible freedom of action.

Nursing staff and doctors require reliable connection facilities in close proximity to the patients. The potential equalisation socket enables the safe connection of medical equipment directly at the bedside. Moisture-proof labelling areas ensure that the labels can always be easily read as the sockets and light switches are labelled on an inscription field independent of the frame. To ensure that the technology is continually supplied with current, we offer sockets with a function light that signals the proper status. The hinged lid as cover provides additional protection. The installations are naturally also available with USB ports for smartphones or tablets. As a result, the rooms have a particularly high level of convenience.

Potential equalisation socket

The potential equalisation socket in accordance with DIN 42 801 for conductors up to 6 mm┬▓ enables the safe connection of medical devices near to patients.

Socket with contact protection

The increased contact protection does not expose the contacts in the socket until a connector is evenly connected.

Socket with hinged lid

The SCHUKO® socket with hinged lid and pilot light also indicates the functioning when the lid is closed.

SCHUKO® socket with USB

For charging mobile devices, USB sockets provide locations for the widely used USB plug types A and C.

The extra bit of comfort


To make the stay as pleasant as possible, private single rooms should be particularly spacious and provide a high level of comfort and high-quality extras. This includes all the important connection possibilities: in order to charge smartphones, e-book readers, etc. without taking up socket space, the USB charger is the ideal choice. It supplies an output current of up to 3000 mA. Patients or staff regulate the perfect light via the KNX F 40 push-button: lighting, dimmers or shading thus function completely intuitively. Patients get power at the hospital bed using the SCHUKO® sockets, which are particularly safe thanks to the increased built-in contact protection.


USB charger

Smartphones, tablets or power banks: the USB charger with one each of USB ports type A and type C charges mobile devices at up to 3000 mA.

KNX F 40 push-button

With regard to their design, the KNX F 40 push-buttons rely on generous surface areas. The large push-buttons can be labelled individually.

Clever light installations for good orientation, better sleep and more convenience


In the unfamiliar surroundings of hospitals and nursing homes, patients and residents need clear orientation help. For this we provide sophisticated equipment: an LED floor pilot light that reliably shows the direction ÔÇô for example, the way to the bathroom. The LED light is non-glare and discrete. The large ceiling light in the patient room can remain switched off at night.


LED floor pilot light with brightness sensor

We provide the pilot light in various ranges and colours. The LED light itself shines white.

Socket with LED floor pilot light

The orientation light is also available in combination with a SCHUKO® socket. The socket also has a brightness sensor.

Plug & Light light socket

The modern Plug & Light system consists of a light socket where various LED attachments can be plugged in. Without complicated mounting, drilling and dirt.


Plug & Light has a modular structure. It consists of the light socket (a flush-mounted insert with the electronics), the appropriate design frame, the cover and a light attachment. For example, the floodlight can be used as an ideal reading light at the bed. The floodlight's design is reminiscent of a classic switch, provides accent lighting or offers orientation in the room and corridor.


Plug & Light: LED spotlight

The Plug & Light LED spotlight can be swivelled by up to 90┬░ and rotated through 360┬░. As a result, it produces an aligned spot.

Plug & Light: LED floodlight

The Plug & Light floodlight can also be rotated completely. This means that it can be adapted to the desired lighting scenario.

Reliable technology for the operating theatre

The interaction of professional competence, hygiene and technology is extremely important in the operating theatre. We combine all these things with a safe and modern electrical technology. From uninterruptible power supply to potential equalisation connections to the modular jack socket: we have precisely the right products in our range for the delicate devices in the most sensitive area of a hospital.

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Gruppe 3722@2x_Operationssaal

Hygiene with stainless steel

Large switches in the LS 990 design, e.g. for lighting and doors, can also be operated with an elbow. Furthermore, stainless steel ensures ideal cleaning and disinfection results and high-quality haptics.

Socket for surge voltage protection

The surge voltage protection protects attached electrical loads from electrical surge damage. This is particularly important for the sensitive devices in operating theatres. The integrated LED reliably indicates the function.

Modular jack socket and potential equalisation socket

The JUNG modular jack socket thus ensures the required digital networking in order to, for example, communicate using Video-over-IP. Potential equalisation sockets secure the operation of the connected technology in the operating theatre.

Modular jack socket

The modular jack socket with two network connections and a inscription field is available in various designs and colours.

Potential equalisation socket

Safe connection: surge voltage protection with two connector pins, standardised according to DIN 42 801 and suitable for conductors up to 6 mm┬▓.

SCHUKO® socket with "Safety Plus"

The socket with enhanced contact protection, inscription field and two screwless terminals for rigid conductors up to 2.5 mm┬▓.

Rocker switches

Labelling with the JUNG Graphic Tool: the switch in stainless steel can be individually identified.

SCHUKO® socket for UPS

Green-coloured sockets provide an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for important electrical loads.

SCHUKO® socket with pilot light

The orange socket identifies the additional backup power supply system (ZSV). The LED in the hinged lid reliably indicates the function.

SCHUKO® socket with surge voltage protection

The socket with surge voltage protection, built-in contact protection, inscription field and two screwless terminals for rigid conductors up to 2.5 mm┬▓.

SCHUKO® socket with inscription field

JUNG fixes the inscription fields permanently to the flush-mounted part. This means that the marking is also clearly retained in the case of dismounting.

Design of public areas

Reception, corridor and cafeteria: area-wide WLAN, optimal lighting and a sophisticated electrical installation make public areas of a hospital more inviting. This makes the stay in the entire building more pleasant for everyone.

The LS ZERO design range makes flush mounting possible. Thus, electrical installation in corridors is guaranteed not to be an obstacle. As the flat version of our classic LS 990, this design range creates a smooth transition between surface and frame.

LS ZERO: perfect integration of the installation in corridor areas

With LS ZERO, specialist installers mount switches, sockets and operating units consistently flush in hospitals or practices. This prevents damage from the impact of patient beds.

Oversize rocker for hands-free operation

"Elbow buttons" in stainless steel or lacquered stainless steel in white are the ideal solution for use in corridors. Their large switch area allows personnel to operate them quickly and simply in passing. Made of robust stainless steel, they also withstand impacts with bed frames or similar.

LED pilot lights for fast orientation

Particularly for a first admission, it is important that patients and residents find their way quickly and easily. LED pilot lights with clear labelling make orientation easier. Our products clearly communicate when it is the next patientÔÇÖs turn and where the important points are in the building.

LED pilot light with traffic-light function

Know when the treatment room is free: the upper and lower displays can be controlled separately. The LED pilot lights with traffic-light function are also available in metal versions.

LED pilot light with real glass cover

The pilot light inserts are available in white and black and in various design ranges. The glass cover can be individually labelled using the Graphic Tool.

The intelligent hospital

KNX is the internationally recognised standard for building system technology. In a smart building, all functions are meaningfully networked and communicate with each other. The possibilities of digitalisation support the extra convenience, comfort, economy, safety and energy efficiency.

Intelligent actuators

Actuators in the control cabinet are the core of intelligent building technology. They contribute to energy efficiency and make everyday life easier for hospital staff. For example, when the sun rises in the morning, shutters automatically let in the light. Smart sensors report the sunlight to the actuators and these open or close the slats ÔÇô too glaring light and the midday heat remain outside. With KNX, on the one hand operators improve safety and on the other organise the clinic and nursing home processes more cost-efficiently. The JUNG KNX system works according to demand and effectively supports the care staff and facility management in their daily tasks.

Smart visualisation

In a smart building, the technology works in the background: the KNX standard takes over many tasks automatically. A visualisation helps to obtain information about current processes and enables doctors, patients or facility management personnel to intervene and control functions themselves.

Convenience in the practice

High-quality practice fittings and an inviting waiting room with well structured and appropriate technology: when setting up a doctor's practice, there are many factors to take into consideration.

We have the right products ready to make the workflow in a doctor's surgery as well as the stay for patients and staff pleasant. Automatic lighting, intelligent KNX room autostats or radio smoke alarm devices ÔÇö all products are available matching our switch ranges. With the sophisticated door communication, the personnel ensure from entrance to the waiting room that patients get to where they need to go directly and securely.

Motion detector

The horizontal detection range of this motion detector of 180┬░ is ideal for small rooms such as, for example, the corridor or the patient WC. The sensitivity can be configured individually, the delay time is fixed.

KNX room autostat

Automatically control the blinds, start light scenes or capture brightness and temperature values: the KNX room autostat is versatile and cannot be manipulated from external sources.

Audio indoor station

Thanks to the fine sound transmission of the condenser microphone, patients speak clearly with the reception.

Video indoor station

The video indoor stations show at a glance who is at the door. Brightness and colour can be manually adjusted. This ensures that the image is always ideally adapted to the lighting conditions.

Ceiling observer/presence detector

The presence detector has a 360┬░ detection area with a radius of 20 metres ÔÇô based on an installation height of three metres.

Call systems

Call systems for an emergency play an important role in hospitals, care facilities and doctor's practices as well as in public spaces. They give patients or people with physical limitations the necessary security. Leading manufacturers of emergency systems integrate their technology into the JUNG design.

If the worst comes to the worst, it is important that help arrives on site quickly. We provide a wide range of options for designing the furnishings and equipment reliably. Our emergency system set, for example, is a sophisticated system for emergency calls in accessible WCs or bathrooms.

Standardised equipment

The DIN 18040-1 standard for publicly accessible buildings provides that barrier-free toilets must have an emergency call system. The JUNG emergency system set fulfils this requirement and additionally corresponds to the central standard for implementing emergency call systems of the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (Association of German Electricians) for care facilities, hospitals and other public institutions (DIN VDE 0834). It is thus particularly suitable for use in nursing homes or WC installations in public buildings.

The P7 emergency system from hospicall for hospitals.

P7 stands for a decentralised and individually adaptable emergency system for all situations. In the patient's room, people call for help in an emergency using a call button. Room terminals in the duty room or the in-house emergency call centre signal the incoming call for help. Thanks to the high-quality JUNG switch design, it integrates into every interior.

Room module with four-LED signal lamp

The room modules are the central control units in and at the room of the residents or patients. The four-LED signal lamp reliably indicates which call has been made.

Call buttons in combination

Call buttons for the patient and resident rooms are available in different versions, such as here with a button combination consisting of call button, doctor call button, presence button and reset button.

Room module with call and presence buttons

Call and presence buttons in the hospicall P7 emergency call system can also be set individually to a room module, such as a call and presence button for separate installations, e.g. in the WC.

Room module with display

There is also space for displays on the room modules of the P7 emergency system. The display with 2 x 8 characters shows the call location and call type by pressing a button. This means that nursing staff quickly know where and how to help people.

P3 emergency system from hospicall for nursing homes.

From small nursing wards with individual rooms to fully equipped living areas: hospicall P3 is a configurable emergency call system for all cases and thanks to haptic push-buttons particularly easy to use for elderly people. The covers in the JUNG design are available in various ranges and programmes.

Room module with call and reset buttons

This room module of hospicall P3 has both call and reset buttons integrated. Professional installers mount the module in flush-mounted wall boxes in accordance with DIN 49073.

Room module with push-buttons and auxiliary socket

The variable room modules are also available with an RJ-45 socket. For example, the nurse can connect multiple push-buttons or other mobile operating devices to it.

Reset button

This separate push-button is suitable as a type of satellite unit (e.g. in the WC). The connection is made on a room module or room terminal.

Call button

The separate push-button can be installed as a satellite unit (e.g. on the bed). The connection is made on a room module or room terminal.

Emergency call systems in the JUNG design

Leading manufacturers of emergency call systems integrate their technology into the JUNG design range. The covers of the Novar and Total Walther systems are included in the JUNG product range; the inserts are only available directly from the two companies. The emergency systems of other manufacturers must be obtained from the respective providers.

JUNG emergency system

Complete set for calling for help in the entire building. The modern system consists of emergency signal, pull cord push-button, reset button and its own power supply unit. The set provides an emergency call facility in accessible WCs and meets the safety requirements of DIN VDE 0834.

Labelling areas with moisture protection

JUNG has moisture-proof labelling areas for selected switch ranges in the portfolio especially for the particularly high hygiene requirements in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and nursing homes. The antibacterial special range of AS 500 reduces the risk of infection by bacteria and germs.