Temperature and ventilation

Make yourself cozy at home ÔÇô with individual comfort temperature and a pleasant, healthy room climate. With our solutions you flexibly and simply regulate heating, ventilation and the air conditioning. Regulate the temperature in the classic way manually or automatically, on the move or using voice control. For the integration in your smart home, JUNG eNet SMART HOME or JUNG KNX are the appropriate solutions. With needs-based heating and climate control, you increase living comfort and energy efficiency at the same time.

Control the temperature manually

We have the appropriate control unit for all types of manual control. Classic with a rotary knob, thermostat or a modern display: you specify your own comfort temperature directly at the control element. Our manual heating controllers are available in the versatile design of the JUNG switch range.

Room thermostat

Intuitively set temperatures: the operation of the room thermostat is clear and understandable. Once the set temperature is reached, the contact interrupts the circuit and the heating is regulated downwards.

Floor thermostat.

Owners of underfloor heating control it with this controller. So that you can see directly whether the underfloor heating is running, this controller has a status LED. If no heating is wanted, simply switch off the heating with the switch.

Room temperature controller with display

With the room thermostat with display you control radiators as well as water-based and electrical underfloor heating. For the use of the controller, LB Management is a prerequisite.

Automatic regulation of room climate and temperature

Comfort pre-programmed: you regulate the room temperature timer-controlled and in accordance with your needs using our solutions. That is not only convenient, it also helps for saving energy. Simply feel good, without heating unused rooms at the same time. You receive the design suitable for our switch ranges.


KNX push-button F 10

Many functions in only one device: the KNX F 10 push-button looks like a conventional switch but controls smart technology. Its buttons can be individually assigned to functions: left switches the heating on or off and right sets the temperature higher or lower. The status LED gives information about the switching status of the heater connected. The KNX system is a prerequisite for this push-button.


Room controller F 40

Large buttons, clear display: the room controller impresses with a clear operating concept and buttons that can be labelled. You can see immediately on the display which functions you are controlling and which values you are changing. The room controller is also based on the KNX system.

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Room controller F 50

Even in the version with one F 50 push-button, the room controller display module impresses with intuitive operation. The two integrated room thermostats and the room temperature sensor allow precise measurement and exact regulation of the room temperature. Important prerequisite: a KNX system


Room temperature controller with display

In combination with a modern heat-pump system, the room thermostat also makes room cooling possible. LB Management is a prerequisite for this control unit.

KNX Server

With a KNX Server, ideal conditions also prevail in a smart building: 15 minutes before getting up, the temperature in the bathroom is already perfectly set, and as soon as you leave the house, the server turns down the heating or air conditioning.


KNX motion detector Mini Basic

The motion detector Mini Basic is reduced to the essentials and detects movement in a radius of up to three metres. Ideal for hotel rooms, for example, it controls the room temperature according to demand. The motion detector requires a KNX system.

Control the temperature by voice

Always just right: after linking KNX or eNet SMART HOME with the services from Amazon and Google, you can control the temperature on demand.

Control the heating on the move

With modern smart-home technology, you heat every room efficiently and as needed. Completely according to your liking, fully automatically and mobile: with JUNG eNet SMART HOME or JUNG KNX, you can control the temperature individually, it is pre-configured and can always be adapted flexibly with the app.


With the help of the eNet SMART HOME app, you control your wireless smart home and make all settings for room temperatures. Together with your smartphone, you can control the heating and operate other functions with the app.

Smart Visu Server

Demand-based control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning allows not only your individual comfort temperature but also a healthy room climate. The control of your home is very easy with KNX via the Smart Visu Server app.

JUNG Visu Pro

With this app, you can control all components in your smart electrical installation from your own home to the office building ÔÇô from the simple setting of the temperature to complete scenarios.

Control the room climate

No place for a bad atmosphere: alongside the temperature, humidity also plays an important role. The air indoors has a decisive influence on well-being and health. With the CO2 sensor, you can ventilate the rooms and thus create the ideal climate at any time.

CO2 sensor for good indoor air

For a good quality, the correct concentration of carbon dioxide is an important factor. If it is too high, this has an effect on the concentration performance. This climate sensor measures the CO2 concentration, relative humidity and air temperature in internal rooms. If limit values are crossed, it activates ventilators or window motors via the KNX system.